Stuff Etc goes to Arizona!!!

Mary Sundblad, owner of Stuff Etc, along with the manager of the Cedar Rapids East store, Jody Hagerty, the manager of the Cedar Rapids West store, Laurie Hanson, the managers of the Coralville store, Sara Sundblad and Brittany Lephew, and the manager of the Iowa City store, Stacie Frede, recently attended the National Association of Resale & Thrift Shops (NARTS) 22nd Annual Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. Carefully crafted for resale professionals, the four day conference is the industry’s most comprehensive educational event of the year. Sundblad and team attended specialized resale workshops, stimulation networking sessions, a motivating keynote speech and a resale trade show during this focused program.

Mary Sundblad has been a member of NARTS for 18years. “We have an ongoing commitment at Stuff Etc to continue our resale education and stay at the top of our profession,” says Sundblad. “We left the meeting in Scottsdale with renewed energy and a multitude of invaluable ideas to help us provide exceptional service and quality merchandising to our customers.”

Stuff Etc has been a part of Iowa City’s retail scene since 1985. The store strives to satisfy the varied needs of residents, offering everything from furniture to clothing that fits the whole family. They are committed to providing quality items at affordable prices for consumers while offering a renewable way for the public to recycle their items into cash.

For information about resale or for guidelines on consigning at Stuff Etc or donating your items to benefit a local charity thru Stuff Etc, call Stacie Frede at (319)- 338-9909 or visit their website:


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