Now accepting FALL items!

We are gearing up for fall. Yes, we know it is still “summer”, but we follow the mall and fashion seasons and are ready for your fall items.

To get the best exposure and dollar out of your items it is best to get them in at the beginning of the season. Don’t wait! Now is the time to clean your closets and bring in those items from last season you never wore to make room for new fall clothes!

What is fall…
*Long-sleeve shirts *Jeans-Khakis-Corduroy pants *Light-weight sweaters *Fall jackets *Dance gear *Boyscouts/Girlscouts *Close-toed shoes *Football gear *Dorm Accessories *School supplies *Hawkeye gear *Heaters *Humidifiers *Sweatshirts *Musical Instruments *Fleece

Make an appointment today online at for your fall merchandise!

Purchase a Stuff Etc recyclable shopping bag for $4.99 and consign whatever you can fit in that bag without an appointment Monday thru Saturday!!! Bags are available for purchase at all Stuff Etc locations!


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