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Weekend Sale!!!!!

Great selection of designer shoes and boots!

We have a great selection of Hawkeye apparel and more!!!!!

This weekend is our Cash and Carry 20% off sale. Get 20% off all full priced items when you pay with cash or store credit and take your stuff home that day! This discount does not apply towards laways, pickups, or deliveries!

Come and check out our great Halloween and fall merchandise! Make Stuff Etc your Halloween headquarters with our vast costume and decor selection!


Hawkeye Headquarters


Stuff Etc is your Hawkeye Headquarters. Find awesome Hawkeye gear at all 4 Stuff Etc locations. Hawkeyes kick-off September 5th against UNI. Now is the time to get your gear and tailgating supplies!!!

Iowa City Stuff Etc has an amazing Hawkeye section. Come check out all these awesome items!

Another great look at Iowa City’s awesome Hawkeye gear. We have everything you need from clothing, decorations, to tailgating supplies. Come check it out!

Clean out those closets!

Rule of Thumb: “If you haven’t worn it in 6 months you NEED to get rid of it!”

I pondered this as I organized my closet this weekend. I was sorting through last years fall items and deciding what to sell. Some items I knew I had not worn last spring (when it was still freezing), but I REALLY like them, and surely I will wear them this cold-weather season. After all the organizing was done, I realized I had only pulled out 3 things. I have a shopping problem (the first step to recovering is admitting you have a problem)…so I knew there was more that had to come out if I was going to be able to put more in.

AWESOME TIP #1: Hang all your clothing in your closet backwards, with the hanger hooked onto the bar from the back. Once you have worn and washed your clothing hang it back in your closet with the hanger hooked on from the front. ***Illustration below*** What is still hanging backwards after 6 months, needs to be put in a Stuff Etc recyclable shopping bag and consigned at your nearest Stuff store immediately. Trust me you will not miss it!

The hangers on the left are hung from the “front”, the hangers on the right are hung from the “back.

Do you have awesome organizing tips. We would love to hear them. Post a comment and share your tips. We will feature tips we personally try out and find useful.

Community Foundation of Johnson County

Have you heard about our Umbrella Charity Program???

Each month Stuff Etc supports a Linn County and Johnson County charitable organization. We have umbrellas hanging upside down at our register terminals, encouraging customers to throw in their spare change, etc.

We also encourage donations by offering a shopping discount for customers who put $1 in our charity umbrella. This has been a fun and successful project. Stuff Etc enjoys working with our community to support our local community.

In July our Coralville and Iowa City stores chose to support the Community Foundation of Johnson County. We raised $1600 for this awesome organization.

Community Foundation of Johnson County:

  • Mission Statement: “To serve the people of Johnson County by building an endowment for the greater community good.”
  • To date, the Community Foundation of Johnson County has granted more than $2.09 million to local community groups.

Halloween Time!

Now is the time to get out your Halloween tubs and start sorting out your items to bring to Stuff! You need to go online today and make your appointment to bring in your Halloween items. Or…do you have our black recyclable Stuff Etc bag??? You can consign whatever you can fit in that bag Monday thru Saturday without an appointment!

Don’t forget…

We have a great selection of costumes and Halloween decor. Come check it out! We already have 3 racks of costumes and clothing on the floor waiting for you!!!

Back To School Shopping Night…

Our Cedar Rapids East location is having a “Back To School Shopping Night”.

Join us tonight in Cedar Rapids for this great shopping event!!!

1. Print off and bring in a copy of this blog posting (must have a copy to get the discount)
2. Receive 30% off all full priced clothing, shoes and accessories
3. Tonight! Friday August 14th from 6pm-8pm
4. Cedar Rapids East: 252 Blairs Ferry Rd NE
5. Call Jody for more details 319-373-2380

As always stayed informed by visiting our website:


Do you know about our Charity Umbrella Program???

Each month Stuff Etc helps the community support a non-profit organization in Linn and Johnson County. We have umbrellas hanging at our register area for customers to donate to our selected charities. We give incentive for shoppers to donate dollars by offering discounts for donations given to the umbrellas.

In July our Cedar Rapids Stuff Etc locations supported Foundation2 of Linn County.

Who They Are

Foundation 2 is a not-for-profit human service agency that offers crisis prevention and intervention programs to people of all ages. We are committed to positive youth development, suicide prevention, and helping build the foundation for stronger and healthier families and safer communities for everyone.

What They Do

Our services include a 24-hour crisis hotline, a youth shelter, individual and family counseling, and outreach and after-school programs for vulnerable youth.

Their Mission Statement

To be a trusted, compassionate resource for people in crisis by offering counseling, safety, and support during difficult times.

Check out their website for more information:

Calling all teachers!

Calling all teachers…we have a deal for you:

Show your school id card and receive 10% off all regular priced merchandise and an extra 10% off all clearance merchandise.

We will be running this special thru September 15th.

Shop Stuff Etc for all your back to school needs. We have a great selection of books, school supplies, classroom decorations, and more!