Clean out those closets!

Rule of Thumb: “If you haven’t worn it in 6 months you NEED to get rid of it!”

I pondered this as I organized my closet this weekend. I was sorting through last years fall items and deciding what to sell. Some items I knew I had not worn last spring (when it was still freezing), but I REALLY like them, and surely I will wear them this cold-weather season. After all the organizing was done, I realized I had only pulled out 3 things. I have a shopping problem (the first step to recovering is admitting you have a problem)…so I knew there was more that had to come out if I was going to be able to put more in.

AWESOME TIP #1: Hang all your clothing in your closet backwards, with the hanger hooked onto the bar from the back. Once you have worn and washed your clothing hang it back in your closet with the hanger hooked on from the front. ***Illustration below*** What is still hanging backwards after 6 months, needs to be put in a Stuff Etc recyclable shopping bag and consigned at your nearest Stuff store immediately. Trust me you will not miss it!

The hangers on the left are hung from the “front”, the hangers on the right are hung from the “back.

Do you have awesome organizing tips. We would love to hear them. Post a comment and share your tips. We will feature tips we personally try out and find useful.

2 responses to “Clean out those closets!

  1. Love your blog! Great organizing tip. Do you mind if I use it for our shop blog? I will of course, reference you. We're Red Umbrella Consignment in Petaluma, CA

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