Delivery or Pick Up Service

Stuff Etc Pick Up, Delivery &
House Call Service

Stuff Etc offers pick up, delivery, and house call services to any consignor or customer.
Our pick up service has 2 options:

  • Pick up service only – Stuff Etc will pick up already boxed items. Staff will sort and enter items at the Stuff store of our choice. Unwanted items will be donated to charity.
  • Sort, box and pick up – Stuff Etc staff will come to your home, sort your items, box them up, and take them to the Stuff Etc store of you choice to be entered.

Stop in to any of our 4 locations in Coralville, Iowa City & Cedar Rapids to pick up a coupon for $10 off any delivery or pick up service!!


One response to “Delivery or Pick Up Service

  1. Great concept! Sounds like it's working for you. Thanks for listing our blog at Red Umbrella Consignment. I'll list yours, too.

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