ReGift Responsibly

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During birthdays and holidays, our parents all taught us to act excited, even when we got a dud of a gift, and we’d sit there with our plastered-on faux-smiles saying, “Oh just what I always wanted…! A hat pin. Thanks Grandma!”

Look, it happens. Your great aunt gives you the same reindeer sweater she’s been buying for you the past fourteen years, your friend buys you a box set of Cashmere Mafia even though you’ve told her a million times it’s no substitute for Sex and the City. If you’re like me, you have a stash of items received as gifts for birthdays and holidays that aren’t quite what you were hoping for. Things that are super thoughtful, but you would never be seen wearing it or can’t possibly imagine using it. These items have no gift receipt so there’s no option of returning it, so now what?

The term “regifting” was made popular by our favorite Seinfeld characters in 1995 as a dirty word. But in this day and age of being thrifty and environmentally conscientious, and with a little help from your friends at Stuff, it can be done responsibly and we have the solution!

Before you re-wrap that “Kiss the Chef” apron, bring it (and all the other stuff in your regifting closet) into any Stuff Etc location to consign and we will turn them into much needed holiday cash. And while you’re here, check out our “ReGifting” display full of new-in-box, new-with-tag items that will make excellent gifts for those on your list and won’t bust your tight Holiday budget this year.

With all of the world worried about global warming, along with the critical need to reuse and recycle as many of our resources as we can, there is now a real reason for “ReGifting” to be resurrected once again, and not as a dirty little secret, but as a wonderful and responsible way to wage the war against the waste of unwanted gifts!

Stop in and see us this Saturday at our Holiday Open House and take advantage of saving 20% off all full-priced items, have some delicious holiday cookies, win some AWESOME door prizes, and check out the new gift display. Open 9am-5pm, Saturday, November 6th at all four locations!


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