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New Year’s Eve Attire

So now that my New Year’s plans have been finalized, it’s imperative that I find the perfect evening attire!  I was flipping through In Style magazine on my lunch and stumble across this beauty.  I am absolutely crushing on this electric blue shirt and silver just happens to be my best friend so on paper it looks like a win/win.  I happened to be at the Iowa City store today (Hwy 6E next to Slumberland), and thought I’d see if I could replicate this ensemble in some fashion (especially the blue).

GUESS WHAT??!!  It’s even better than I could have imagined…check it out!  The shirt is the most amazing color of blue BUT the cherry of this outfit is the large silver rose necklace…it is To. Die. For!



Go Nude this Winter

I am not a Kardashian fan, per say, BUT I love love love this look!  The nudes are hot! And even hotter is the hat, the fur, and the boots! Wowza!  As soon as I saw this, I rushed upstairs (I’m at the Coralville location) to see what I could find that might even come close.  I mean, there are holiday gatherings, birthday parties to attend (my own included) and let’s not forget New Year’s Eve, all in the matter of two weeks!  This ensemble would be perfect for all of the above.  And guess what I found? Every single bit of it….See for yourself!

Sentimental or Space-taker?

We all remember our prom, and some of us still have the dress.  But at what point does the prom dresses of the past surpass sentimental and just become a space-taker? Some of us hang on to it thinking we will wear it again, to a wedding perhaps.  Or maybe we can hand it down to our sister or that special cousin, but it won’t mean  the same to them.  Let’s face it, the whole experience of getting your prom dress is an emotional one as well.

Let Stuff Etc help you this year!  We are hosting a Prom Runway Event.  We will feature the best previously owned formals at unbelievable prices.  We will even auction off the top five dresses LIVE by a local celebrity.  There will be amazing door prizes, including a Limo for your event and delicious refreshments.  If you are looking to sell your dress, you might want to consider modeling it on the runway – you will receive a higher percentage of the sale!

Event dates and times are as follows:  IOWA CITY, Feb. 6th and CEDAR RAPIDS WEST, Feb 13th – both days from 1pm – 3pm.

If you have a dress you’d like to be included, stop by any of our five locations and someone at receiving will be happy to assist you! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email Stacie at

Hello friends!

Welcome to our new blog!  With this blog we solemnly do swear to provide you with current, relevant, & interesting information.  Will this blog change your life? Mmmmm…probably not.  Will this blog save the day? It’s possible.  Will this blog excite & surprise you?  Sometimes!  Will this blog help you be more informed and up to date on the happenings at Stuff Etc locally & corporately?  Definitely!  We hope you like the new look.  We encourage you to leave your comments, sign up to automatically receive updates, and invite you to share this blog on your facebook any time!

Looking for a VERY SPECIAL gift?

CLICK HERE to see what’s currently featured in the Silent Auctions at all FIVE of our locations. Each store features a minimum of 10 items that are highly collectible or of a designer/high-end nature. For example…
Iowa City has an authentic Dooney & Burke purse and a set of four vintage Star Wars PEZ dispensers.
Coralville has an American Girl crib & changing table and three different Furby’s in their original boxes.
Go north a few miles to Cedar Rapids and you will find…
Cedar Rapids East has a 1930’s Czech puppet and a P.Buckley Moss print.
Cedar Rapids West has two authentic Coach purses and a John Deere metal tractor & wagon set.
Head a further north to our Waterloo store and you will find a multitude of collectible M&M items.
I’m certain you can find something extra special at any of our locations for the collectors on your Holiday gift list. If there’s an item you’re interested in, we encourage you to stop in and physically touch and look at the item(s). You can place a bid while you’re there or call it in at any time. Good luck and Happy Holidays!