Sentimental or Space-taker?

We all remember our prom, and some of us still have the dress.  But at what point does the prom dresses of the past surpass sentimental and just become a space-taker? Some of us hang on to it thinking we will wear it again, to a wedding perhaps.  Or maybe we can hand it down to our sister or that special cousin, but it won’t mean  the same to them.  Let’s face it, the whole experience of getting your prom dress is an emotional one as well.

Let Stuff Etc help you this year!  We are hosting a Prom Runway Event.  We will feature the best previously owned formals at unbelievable prices.  We will even auction off the top five dresses LIVE by a local celebrity.  There will be amazing door prizes, including a Limo for your event and delicious refreshments.  If you are looking to sell your dress, you might want to consider modeling it on the runway – you will receive a higher percentage of the sale!

Event dates and times are as follows:  IOWA CITY, Feb. 6th and CEDAR RAPIDS WEST, Feb 13th – both days from 1pm – 3pm.

If you have a dress you’d like to be included, stop by any of our five locations and someone at receiving will be happy to assist you! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email Stacie at


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