Everything But My Underwear!

This morning I got a very welcomed message from a shopper that made it to the Iowa City Half Price Sale on Saturday (two days ago).  It went a little something like this…  “GAWD!  I love Stuff Etc! I had so much fun getting dressed this morning and have so many new, cute combinations to wear this week.  Someone complimented me when I got to work this morning and I proudly proclaimed, “I got all of this at Stuff Etc this weekend!  In fact, everything on me, except my underwear, is from Stuff!  Gotta love consignment!” ~ Diane from Iowa City

Thanks, Diane, for sharing AND most of all, for shopping at Stuff Etc!  To the rest of you, be sure to stop in the Cedar Rapids East store this SATURDAY, Jan 14th from 8-5 so you can be like Diane … everything but your underwear!  I want to hear about it too!  Let’s see if we can get a testimonial for each sale this month!  Go Stuff Shoppers!


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