Are You Ready For Some…

PROM?! I bet you thought I was going to say FOOTBALL, huh?  Well, this Sunday, the Super Bowl can wait until AFTER the Stuff Etc Prom Event.  From 1pm to 3pm this Sunday, Feb. 6th, our Iowa City location is going all out to bring you a spectacular selection of brand new and slightly experienced formal dresses.  You won’t believe your eyes and you cetrtainly won’t believe the prices!  Like these brand new beauties pictured here!

There will also be tables set up featuring our grand prom door prizes, like a free tux rental from Nedrebos, free floral from Cherry Blossom, dinner at the Brown Bottle, up-dos from Bellisimo, make up from Mary Kay and sooo much more!

And we didn’t forget about the guys…check out these HOT brand new tuxedo t-shirts that we’ll be selling for only $14.99!  We will also have retro baby blue tux tees…They. Are. AWESOME!

And EVERYTHING will be on sale TOO!  20% off storewide and 10% off the formal dresses! So you can get your accessories and your after-prom party ensemble and your pre-prom ensemble and so on!  Can’t wait to see you there!


One response to “Are You Ready For Some…

  1. Rheannon is the cutest employee ever! She rocked those dresses. I can’t believe all the awesome dresses that have come in. People are going to be “wowed”!!!!!

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