Daily Archives: April 5, 2011

A Mother’s Work is Never Done…

We should all appreciate, value, respect and show some love for our mothers every day, but let’s face it… they are the first one’s to get lost in the shuffle.  Mom’s are great at being in the background.  Do you thank her every day when you magically have clean underwear in your drawer?  Or a clean spoon to eat your breakfast cereal every morning? Or that extra five bucks she hands you on your way out the door?  Nope.  And who reminds her every year that your birthday is around the corner?  Or how does she always seem to make your favorite pie at Christmas?  Or never forget your shirt size? Or your favorite color?  Mystery.  And listen up husbands…if you have children, more than likely, your wife makes your life just a little bit easier as well. Am I right?

Some of this probably isn’t what makes a mother such a great mom, but still, where would we be without her? And no need to get cosmic either….the simple truth is moms are pretty spectacular.  If there’s only one day a year set aside to recognize them and all the wonderful things they painlessly seem to do for us, then we better make it a spectacular day for them!

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