Before It Was Stuff Etc…

Some of you die-hard Stuff lovers would remember this little blue gem on Keokuk St.  Just as our name said, we were strictly devoted to consigning and reselling just items for children.  We rented HALF of this building to start with, but we quickly outgrew the space and had to ask our neighbor if he would so kindly move out so we could have his half!  For almost 13 years we operated in this fashion, but our customers would often ask us if we would be willing to take other things.  In 1997, we moved to Pepperwood Plaza and changed our name to what you know today… “Stuff Etc”.  And the rest is history! 

Don’t forget to join us this Saturday, April 16th for our 26th Anniversary Sale & Celebration!  As our way of saying thanks, enjoy 26% off store-wide, excluding mattresses, free refreshments and door prizes given away every hour at all FIVE of our locations – Iowa City, Coralville, Waterloo and two stores in Cedar Rapids.


One response to “Before It Was Stuff Etc…

  1. Sheryl Turner

    Happy 26th Anniversary! Working at the Coralville store was one of the happiest times of my life. I miss you all and wish you’d build a store in Peoria. Heck, I’d even come out of retirement to work in receiving for you! Fondly, Sheryl

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