Not A Morning Person

I’m not exactly a morning person.  Strike that.  I’m definitely not a morning person. But today was another eventful 5:30 morning and I was feeling a little dreary. These are usually the mornings where I throw on some sweats (if I’m lucky, they match) and run out the door. Since the weather has been so cold, I still feel the need to bundle up but I wasn’t feeling another pair of tight jeans and an itchy sweater. And, since I’ve worn sweats for the past week it seems, I thought I’d change it up.

I opened my closet, did some digging and found a spring dress I had purchased just a week ago from the Stuff Etc Coralville store. It was colorful, comfortable, trendy and only 7 bucks! I spiced it up with a pair of bright yellow MIA sandals that I paid a whopping 9 bucks for and threw on a turquoise sweater for warmth. Not only was my outfit comfortable, but all those colors made the deep, dark circles around my eyes disappear. Of course, the coffee helped with that one, too.  It was a win-win kind of day.

Submitted by Alissa Gilbaugh, Iowa City West High


One response to “Not A Morning Person

  1. Thanks Alissa! I’m really crushing on that turquoise sweater… Gotta get me one!

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