Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson

Twilight fan?  Team Jacob or Team Edward?  Who cares!  There’s no denying a bit of a crush here…I swear he’s looking right at ME in this photo!  Enough gushing… this is our tribute to Mr. Pattinson’s 23rd Birthday TODAY, May 13.

Have you seen Water for Elephants yet?  Put it on your weekend to do list … even if it’s just to stare at his larger-than-life dreamy self on the big screen.

Stop by any of our locations to find a plethora of “pattinson” themed items.  Perhaps you’ve taken the “I’ll wait to see the movie” path, but if the wait is killing you and you’re dying to know what happens to Jacob, Edward & Bella, we have your Twilight reading needs covered at our Coralville location.

And if that doesn’t get your Pattinson fix, stop by our Cedar Rapids East store on Blairs Ferry Rd and pick up the life-size cutout!

Happy Birthday Mr Pattinson! Stuff Etc adores you!


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