One Week, One Carry-on?! Really?!

This is an all-too-familiar scene for me!  I am the CLASSIC over-packer! Seriously! How am I suppose to know what I might feel like wearing day three in Paris?  I pack what I think would be perfect while I’m standing in my living room, but then I start to play out the what-ifs:  “what if we end up doing something else?”, or “what if the weather is unseasonably cool?”, or “what if I drank too much wine the night before and I’m super bloated the next morning and then the adorable shorts that I packed while standing in my living room three days ago won’t really fit”? …yea, then what?

Well, I found some fabulous tips in the June 2011 issue of Lucky magazine that has helped even the chronic over-packing abuser make it work in one carry-on.  Here’s a couple of tips that I found to be the most helpful:  1) Pick a palettetwo neutrals plus a standout color – makes mixing and matching a total breeze.  2) Two pairs of shoeswho are we kidding? This was the hardest! Neutral/tan wedges, heels or sandals are the stand out trend for the summer and you can wear them with everything! And don’t forget to include the shoes you’re wearing on the plane to work with what you packed  3) ROLL – don’t fold – your clothes; this means fewer creases and more room – I thought this was a myth, but totally TRUE! 4) Plan to wear your bulkier layer on the planeit won’t take up space in your luggage and you’ll need it when the cabin is chilly.

Perfect example of what to pack:


Well… what do you think? Can it really be done? Guess I will soon find out! I promise to fill you in on my results when I return and let you know how “day three” really turned out with my new minimalist & travel savvy approach.

p.s. I’m not really going to Paris… sad face… it’s just a business trip,                    but a girl can dream, right?


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