My New Vice… I Mean, Inspiration

MAGAZINES…Anyone that knows me, knows that MAGAZINES are truly an addiction for me.

I can’t get enough.

Enough pictures, enough information, enough fashion, decor,  gossip, enough ideas…. seriously.  Just can’t get enough.

I don’t know if it’s the glossy pages, the colorful images, or the sound as the pages flip?  Perhaps it’s the fact I can pick one up at any time and find something different to read or look at in small doses? Maybe it’s that they are perfect in the car, the tub, at the beach, on the couch, during my lunch break, on the plane, or just about anywhere?  Seriously.  Perfect.

Just talking about them has me jonesing for a glossy fix!

Thank goodness I can leave the crazy sanctuary (conundrum, I know) of my office and run upstairs at any time like a true junky.  In the beauty of recycling, Stuff Etc offers the most current issues of all of my (& your) favorite publications for only 99 cents!  No kidding!  Did you know there are over 10,000 magazines currently being published?  And the average magazine goes for $3.99 per month!  You could drop a fortune….  if you were like me….    before Stuff Etc.

Stuff Etc allows me to afford my vice.  But after looking up the definition of ‘VICE – immoral or wicked behavior’, I’ve decided from now on I’m going to call it “inspiration” instead because I gain some every time I turn a page.  And there’s nothing ‘wicked’ in that!

Contrary to my blog title, this isn’t new for me either.  I’ve been nurturing this “vice”, I mean, “inspiration” for YEARS!  What is new in my vice realms and in the spirit of being green is digital shelter magazines.

These are magazines produced 100% online. And I am officially HOOKED! The pictures are just as colorful, some even interactive.  The articles are smart and savvy, nothing canned, all original, current, and inspiring! AND the pages even flip!  Check out a few of my favorites:  Matchbook, Rue, Lonny, & High Gloss.

I can read them on my smart phone or iPad, on my pc at home or hop online while at work for some quick inspiration.  They are convenient, cool and easy.  But can they ever replace the print versions?

Na…. never.

To satisfy my true addiction, and that of others (I’m sure I’m not the only one), I still need the look, the smell, and the sounds of the magazines.

But these are way fun too!  🙂


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