Allie’s Advice on Taste Buds

My family makes fun of me on a regular basis for one thing: I’m a picky eater. Okay, “picky” is an understatement. Bring on the cookies (without milk), spaghetti (no meatballs), salad (no dressing), pizza (only if it’s cooked on a stone), peas (but absolutely no corn), bread (only if it’s toasted) and watermelon (this is the only food I’ll eat anytime). Rarely will I try new things. My taste buds are so sporadic that I may like one thing one day but the next day I won’t even look at it! Really, my diet consists of only watermelon in the summer. All other food is fair game for me to dislike. My mom usually has to make me a separate meal from what she makes for the entire family because I will otherwise starve! You’re probably sitting there thinking this girl is RIDICULOUS…and I am! I am worse than most 2 year olds!

So although my taste buds for food are almost worthless and annoying, I’m not picky in all areas of life. I’ve got the best taste buds for clothes. I’m hardly picky about my style and I’m willing to taste any new outfit. This is why I love Stuff Etc because I can try ANY style; they have them all. The other day I was able to get three differently styled outfits all for under twenty bucks. First off, I got a dress for the fourth of July. Now that really is a one-of-a-kind style since I can only wear it on one day of the year! But for $5.99 I can do that! Next up is a poppin’ blue tank. People will see me coming from miles around. It’s cute, comfy and was only $3.99. I can throw it with leggings and a pair of heels for a night out. Lastly is a pair of grey Old Navy shorts. (Another $3.99 steal). They can be thrown with either a T-shirt or a cute top, depending on which style your feeling. Both the Coralville and Iowa City stores have a large quantity of shorts in all sorts of colors, styles, lengths and sizes.

So although I won’t eat hardly anything, I will wear almost anything! The stores are jam-packed with so much color and variety and my closet is slowly starting to resemble them. I’ve got only tongue taste bud for watermelon but hundreds of clothing taste buds. The variety in each of the stores helps me explore all sorts of possibilities. So although I can’t get my guilty pleasure from food, new clothes will just have to suffice. If the taste is right, the price is always right at Stuff Etc. Time for some lunch. (Watermelon, that is.)

Submitted by guest blogger, Alissa Gilbaugh, incoming Senior at Iowa City West High


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