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Happy Weekend!!

It’s Friday and the weekend is upon us.

This makes me happy.

I plan to do a whole lotta clapping this weekend!

What are your plans?

If you’re looking for an adventure,

(and I say adventure because there’s nothing quite like it)

stop by our Coralville store at 2818 Commerce Dr and take advantage of the STOREWIDE HALF PRICE SALE – 9am to 6pm – Sat., July 30th

Now start clapping! 🙂

(p/c via Bluebird Notes)


Bicycles Everywhere…

It’s Ragbrai week in Iowa, and as the mass of cyclers get closer and closer to Coralville, I find myself getting more and more excited, but also noticing more and more people on bicycles…. everywhere!

These images inspire me to get on my bicycle this week….

and look good doing it too!

If you don’t have a bike (pick one up at Stuff),

or don’t have time to ride,

I recommend coming to Morrison Park in Coralville this Friday

and take in ALL that is Ragbrai!

(p/c via Lovely Clusters)

Hungry in Iowa

As hard as it is to believe, there are hungry children in Iowa City…

When I was researching some stats for the hungry in the state of Iowa, this is what I found from January 2011…

DES MOINES (AP) — The economic well-being of Iowa children has declined since 2000, with the percentage of children living in poverty growing by 45 percent and those eligible for food assistance skyrocketing more than 140 percent.   The report shows that the number of Iowa children eligible for food assistance increased from about 124,000 in 2000 to more than 307,000 last year.    Last week, one community food bank distributed 95 food bags, a one-week record.

Unbelievable….. and sad.
This weekend, when you shop at any of our Stuff Etc locations, YOU CAN HELP!  Donate TWO canned goods or any 2 items for the “most wanted” list below and you will receive 20% off all full-priced items.

Top Ten Needed Donations

  1. Financial Donations
  2. Canned fruit and fruit juice
  3. Canned meat
  4. Hearty soups & stews
  5. Canned vegetables
  6. Toilet paper
  7. Baby formula
  8. Baby diapers
  9. Laundry detergent
  10. Pasta & rice Please help us stock the Johnson County Crisis Center Food Bank!

A Shot of Whimsy

I’m a creative person, but this……


I love it when someone takes something classic and dramatic and makes it their own, especially when it includes a shot of whimsy!

I would eat in my dining room EVERY night if this was hanging over my head.

Shoot, I’d just hang out in there.  So fun!

(pc/via Absolutely Beautiful Things)

p.s. we get boring chandeliers in all the time at our stores….  I’m just sayin…

Inspired by Allie…Everyone Needs a Little White House

When I was a little girl, I had this little white playhouse. It was a replica of the actual house we lived in at the time, just a much smaller version. My absolute favorite thing to do in there was to take my dolls and play “house.” Some of my favorite memories were through that white door where my imagination went wild. My dolls and I would “fly” in our cars to Subway (seriously, that was my favorite place to eat as a kid), paint our nails and have tea parties with cookies. My little house was so many things to me: but mostly it was a place where I felt safe and I could really be myself. I was in a totally different world when I was in there. I didn’t care what people thought of me and I told Peach, my doll, all about my life.

But, like they all say, I grew up in the blink of an eye and I could no longer fit inside my little white house… so we had to get rid of it.

This past year I wanted to try to create a “little white house” for big kids. I thought of a few ideas – forts, tents, tree houses, etc., and finally decided to make a cozy hideout deep in the woods.

As I started to dig out a nice patch to put a bench, that imagination I had as a little girl jumped out my back pocket. I added seat cushions, a table, lanterns, a burn pit, a rug, curtains and some frames… and all of it I found at the Coralville Stuff Etc.  It was such a fun process too. Each day I added something new. Nothing matches in my hideout either – I picked out totally random items. The rug, seat cushions and curtains were a grand total of $4.46.

Even though I’m a “big girl” now, I can have a quiet little place, tucked deep in the woods where I can be “me.”  Usually, I grab my coffee and a good book and take a seat. Other times I strike up a conversation with myself with the light from the lanterns in the trees above me.  So thank you Stuff Etc, for helping me build my new “little white house”.  It’s allowed me to regain my childhood imagination, enable me to dream big and accomplish much. It may not be small, or white, or even have a roof, but it does the same thing for me as my little white house did…. help me paint a big, beautiful picture of my life.

It’s All Half…

No Kidding!

Everything is HALF!

(well almost everything… excludes only a few furniture items)

This weekend, visit our Waterloo & CR East locations and shop to your heart’s content.  9am – 6pm; or shop early at 8am before the rest of the public by picking up an early bird ticket for only $10!

We’re FULL of awesome STUFF that needs to go home with YOU!

Click here to see maps to all locations.

Click here to see dates of our other HALF PRICE sales this month!

Bagolita’s Overstock Fabric at Stuff

Our Coralville location has acquired ONE-OF-A-KIND overstocked fabric from Bagolitas.   It’s currently for sale at $7.00 per yard and available in 1 yard increments (not included  in any coupons, sales, or specials).  There are over 50 bolts of various fabrics in all colors and patterns.  Stop in today before it’s gone!

Happy Independence Day!

We hope your holiday weekend has a little sparkle!

We will be closed on Monday, July 4th for the holiday,

but watch for us in the Coralville Parade at 10am!

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