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Gotta Get Me Some Plaid!

I don’t know if it’s my Scottish roots coming out,

but I can’t wait to get my hands on a few of these pieces….

(that I find at Stuff – these prices are insane – but great inspiration)

Check our stores for displays of all the hot plaids we have collected!

AND watch for our posts of plaid pics on FACEBOOK


Resale Shopping Around the Globe

Bloggers who blog LOVE other blogs.

To be honest, I didn’t know this to be true until recently and now it’s like a bag of chips I just can’t stop eating.

I can’t tell you how many times I catch myself saying,

“On this blog I ready today…”

and here I go again!

On this blog I read today, I learned a new word for resale shopping…


Apparently, Skye, that’s her in the picture above with her son, lives in Australia and does her fair share of “op-shopping”.  Although it seems its more for the thrill of the hunt than out of necessity (her husband makes Hollywood movies). But let’s face it, those of us who obsessively resale shop don’t necessarily do it out of necessity either (starts that way, but never seems to end that way).

I encourage you to read Skye’s breakdown of her attire (also pictured above), which she scored entirely by op-shopping – click here.

But consider yourself warned…

Bloggers who blog LOVE other blogs.

p.s.  I think that rule applies to blog readers too

One More Thing for The Weekend

Before I go for the weekend, I just want to leave you with one more thing…

Take a good look at this picture.

I can’t help but wonder…

who lives in the apartment with the BLUE shades?

I bet they are creative. fun. inspired. a party waiting to happen.

Do something this weekend that leaves others in wonder.

{pc/via On Blue Pool Road)

Happy Weekend: We Got You Covered

Do.  It!

i think i’m totally going to do it….

I dare you!


You won’t regret it!

my kids might… hee hee

And if you break a table,

which is quite possible…

We got you covered!

(you can find tables, chairs, beds, all home furnishings at all 4 of our locations)

{pc/via source}

Inspired by Allie… A Triple Win Day

I am sitting here at my new desk (from Stuff) with a smile from ear to ear because I just scored a triple-win.

To start off my day, I cleaned my room. Vacuumed, walls washed, trash out, and ORGANIZED. But it wasn’t that easy. You see, when I opened my closet, I just stared at all the stuff in there and sighed.  Then I laughed because I couldn’t give one possible excuse for why I have so many clothes. So I started throwing clothes that were too big, too small, too short, or too tall into a bucket.

My first win? A clean room and an organized closet filled with only the stuff I want.

My second win? I took all of my clothes out of the bucket to Stuff Etc.  Not only does this help with the clutter but the money I get for my stuff will go toward buying more clothes I don’t need! 🙂

Now for my biggest win of all!

Last weekend was the half-price sale at the Coralville Stuff Etc. A win in itself, I went to see what I could find. Typical me, it didn’t take more than a few seconds to find exactly what I needed…  decorations for my newly organized room. I found a mirror, desk and wall hangings.

The wall hanging I found was only two dollars and I used it to hang up all my jewelry (as you can see, I may be dealing with an obsession here. Different topic, different time). I also love my new mirror!  Although I can’t say I love waking up every morning and the first thing I see is how ravishing I look. (That’s a joke).

Not only do I have a “new” room…but it’s now complete with a desk, mirror and wall hanging for $50. You just can’t beat a Stuff Etc half-price sale. I couldn’t decide which was better: this sale or ice cream. So just to relieve any doubts, I went for some ice cream.

Although I may be a muffin top victim thanks to the ice cream, I welcome the results I get from being a Stuff Etc victim….  a “new” clean room, money for my clothes and cheap, “new-to-me” furniture!  I could use a triple-win day more often.

Submitted by Alissa Gilbaugh, Iowa City West High Senior