Resale Shopping Around the Globe

Bloggers who blog LOVE other blogs.

To be honest, I didn’t know this to be true until recently and now it’s like a bag of chips I just can’t stop eating.

I can’t tell you how many times I catch myself saying,

“On this blog I ready today…”

and here I go again!

On this blog I read today, I learned a new word for resale shopping…


Apparently, Skye, that’s her in the picture above with her son, lives in Australia and does her fair share of “op-shopping”.  Although it seems its more for the thrill of the hunt than out of necessity (her husband makes Hollywood movies). But let’s face it, those of us who obsessively resale shop don’t necessarily do it out of necessity either (starts that way, but never seems to end that way).

I encourage you to read Skye’s breakdown of her attire (also pictured above), which she scored entirely by op-shopping – click here.

But consider yourself warned…

Bloggers who blog LOVE other blogs.

p.s.  I think that rule applies to blog readers too


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