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The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Many women believe the perfect pair of jeans is a M. Y. T. H.

Actually, a recent study suggests 2/3 of women say they’ve NEVER found the perfect pair of jeans.  I totally get it!

It is incredibly hard to find the right fit, the perfect length, the perfect curve for your body, the right wash, etc etc etc.  Do you know how many stores you have to shop to try on 30 pairs of jeans in hopes of walking away with at least 1 pair?


I have always had a horrible time finding the right pair of jeans!

But at Stuff Etc, I can try on multiple pairs of jeans in practically every brand that’s out there.  And after trying on Lucky’s, Buckle, American Eagle, Gap, Hollister, Abercrombie, Express, Vanity, Diesel, See Thru Soul, Rock & Republic, It jeans, Levi’s and oh so many others…

I now know what fits my body the best.

What other store can I do that in? This is the ONLY place I’ve had the best luck in.  So I encourage you to stop by any or all of our Stuff Etc locations and try your luck at finding your perfect pair of jeans!


First Day of Fall

today is the perfect first day of fall…

the crisp, cool air,

the hoody I had to throw on over my other hoody,

i even added a light knit scarf…

it felt heavenly.


And so does Stuff Etc – so much so, we are giving all of our shoppers 25% OFF all fall clothing, shoes, and accessories (it must say “fall” on the tag).

Stop by any of our locations in Iowa City, Coralville, Cedar Rapids, or Waterloo Friday, Saturday and Sunday to take advantage of the AWESOME discount on all of our FALL merchandise!

p.s.  GO HAWKS!

Repurpose This!

Here at Stuff Etc, we have to get a little picky sometimes because we can’t possibly have room for everything…

One thing is suitcases.

There are so many airline restrictions these days that most suitcases have become completely obsolete unless you have a retractable handle, wheels and can fit in an overhead compartment.  Who checks bags anymore?

Anyway, one thing we LOVE at Stuff Etc that we can never get enough of is


I have always love love LOVEd the idea of the suitcase end table…

but now I feel that idea is so boring compared to these new ways to re-purpose a vintage suitcase…

or how about this clever idea (which I am crazy about)…

SERIOUSLY!  How cool is this?

I encourage you to pick up a vintage suitcase next time you’re out resale shopping and see what clever ideas you can come up with!

I. Am. Inspired!

{pc/via design mom}

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

You’ve heard the phrase, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”…


neither is a Stuff Etc,

but we’ve accomplished a lot in the last seven days!

Please excuse  my delay in posts.

I’ve been working with our new team at the Davenport store, opening on September 19th for consignors and October 10th for shoppers.  Putting a new store together is physically challenging but extremely rewarding to see it all come together.  We are so excited to share this new location with you and the entire Quad Cities area.

Here is a small glimpse into some of the progress we’ve made so far…

(installing the secondary sign over the receiving entrance)

(the street sign is up)

(all the fixtures, display units, supplies, etc as it was unloaded)

(the receiving counter has been built, now it needs some RED paint)

(Jose & Doug setting up the shelving)

(Greg & Adam moving jewelry cases)

(Rhea & Heather setting up the clothing rows)

(LuAnn moving/putting away THOUSANDS of hangers)

I promise to do my best to keep you up to date with our progress throughout the week.

Better yet…

Come see for  yourself next week when you drop off your consignments!

3568 Brady St, Davenport, Iowa  (563) 391-1000

Are You Ready For Some Hawkeyes?

HUGE weekend here in Iowa City, IOWA!

Frye Fest is in full swing today, kickoff for the first Hawkeye football game is 11am tomorrow and the entire city is buzzing with energy!

Stuff Etc LOVES the Hawkeyes and Hawkeye fans!

Stop by any of our locations to pick up your Iowa attire and tailgating needs!


Have a fun, safe & fantastic holiday weekend!  Our Iowa City, Coralville and Cedar Rapids locations will be open 10am-5pm on Labor Day.