The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Many women believe the perfect pair of jeans is a M. Y. T. H.

Actually, a recent study suggests 2/3 of women say they’ve NEVER found the perfect pair of jeans.  I totally get it!

It is incredibly hard to find the right fit, the perfect length, the perfect curve for your body, the right wash, etc etc etc.  Do you know how many stores you have to shop to try on 30 pairs of jeans in hopes of walking away with at least 1 pair?


I have always had a horrible time finding the right pair of jeans!

But at Stuff Etc, I can try on multiple pairs of jeans in practically every brand that’s out there.  And after trying on Lucky’s, Buckle, American Eagle, Gap, Hollister, Abercrombie, Express, Vanity, Diesel, See Thru Soul, Rock & Republic, It jeans, Levi’s and oh so many others…

I now know what fits my body the best.

What other store can I do that in? This is the ONLY place I’ve had the best luck in.  So I encourage you to stop by any or all of our Stuff Etc locations and try your luck at finding your perfect pair of jeans!


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