Trick or Treat?

HELLO  my lovelies!  It’s been WAAAAAY too long!

It’s here! HALLOWEEN! Trick or Treat!

I’ve always wondered why we’re required to say “trick or treat” when you ring the doorbell…

It’s not like we really want a trick now do we?  Give us the treats!

But I think the amount of treats one receives should be based on the costume… seriously!

Like this little lovelie…

But I love designer handbags…. that’s just me!  hee hee

Guess what?!  If you don’t have your costume yet, it’s not too late!

Any of our Stuff Etc locations can hook you up with something creative that’s sure to get you lots of treats! (all Halloween is 50% off)

(and if it’s a designer handbag you’re after, we have those too!)


be safe & have a blast


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