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Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving Eve …

Not a holiday, or a day people celebrate, or even consider an “Eve”

Basically, it’s the day families load into cars to embark on their journey to “grandma’s house” or when the grocery stores are filled to the brim with all the last-minute food shoppers.

I will be one of the latter.

I need to stop after work and pick up the ingredients for the salad I’m bringing, but I’m also thinking that maybe I should pick up my own pumpkin pie???

I know that sounds excessive, but it is truly the ONLY dish on the menu at Thanksgiving that I can NOT wait for!  AND it’s basically the only time of the year you get to eat it.

Once, I went to a Thanksgiving dinner and believe it or not ….

there was no pumpkin pie!

I know, right?!

Not all gone … like someone ate it all …  just NEVER. EVEN. MADE!

That’s complete disregard for Thanksgiving tradition!  Who even does that?!

 And ever since that fateful Thanksgiving dinner some 10 years ago, each year as I journey to yet another Thanksgiving, I have this inner anxiety that once again, there may be NO pumpkin pie and it’s just not something I think I can bear one more year.


I say spare someone else the pressure, and myself the anxiety of not knowing if there is pie or no pie, and if there is pie, will I even get a piece of that pie.

That’s it.

I’m buying my own pie.

And before I leave work today, perhaps I should go upstairs and buy myself a perfectly respectful pair of stretch pants for tomorrow!


~ from ALL of us at Stuff Etc ~

mmmm….. pie


We Are Here For You

So let’s just say you’re walking along,

on your way to grab a burger and


You step funny and break your leg!

In not one, but TWO places!

First of all ….  that sucks!

Second …. this just happened, true story, to someone we know (but the name and image has been changed to protect the innocent)

And third … it is now necessary to make certain accommodations …

Like how to take a much-needed shower.

First instinct is to run out to the nearest medical supply place and grab you a shower chair, but guess what?  We had one at Stuff Etc!  Only $9.99!!  Did you know that a basic shower chair at Walgreens will run you $69.99?!

Bet you didn’t know we carry that kind of stuff … we are “Stuff” Etc after all!

So, the next time an emergency strikes you or someone you love, god-forbid, but if it does, check your nearest Stuff Etc before you spend a fortune on what you need to get you through the next 6 to 8 weeks!

p.s. God speed to the one we know and love not mentioned by name in this post!

Surprise Visit from an American Picker


w/Davenport manager’s LuAnn (left) and Rhea (right)

Our Davenport store had a surprise visit today from local & national celebrity, Frank Fritz, from American Pickers, a hit TV show on The History Channel.  All of us consignment fanatics are HUGE fans of the show, so you can imagine the excitement when Frank stopped by to shop Stuff Etc!

If you’re familiar with American Pickers, then you know that Frank and Mike are from the Quad Cities area.  Frank was super kind to take some photos with excited shoppers and also let us know that his mom is a consignor at our newest franchise location here in Davenport.  He found some awesome chairs at a steal of a deal to take home with him today and promised to return with some items to consign.

Stop by often to see “Frank’s Picks” – an area that will be dedicated to American Pickers featuring items recommended and consigned by the professional picker himself!

Thanks for stopping by, Frank!!

Tell Mike & Danielle “HI” from Stuff!

(p.s.  I’m so so so jealous of Rhea & LuAnn right now!)

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Maybe you haven’t heard of it yet … the Midwest is generally slower to catch up with the latest trends … but the latest, greatest, hottest type of Holiday party is the Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.

HOT!  Right?  I think HYSTERICAL is the best word for it.

Last year, our Iowa City store had an ugly sweater Christmas party at the bowling alley … talk about a motley crew! But it was a BLAST!

All of our Stuff Etc stores are loading up on all the best and “ugliest” holiday sweaters for everyone to sport this year, the majority priced at $3.99.  That’s cheap enough for your entire family to throw one on and a get a priceless snapshot for your 2011 Christmas card!

Thinking of hosting your own sweater party?  Make the attire mandatory and give out prizes for the “ugliest”, “most embellishments” and the best “head to toe ensemble”.  Set up a holiday scene perfect for a party photo op.   Have some snacks and beverages on hand and let the hoot of the sweaters take over!

I hope I have provided enough inspiration to get you excited about this hot new trend.  I know that I am!

(I’ve already sent out my invitations!)