Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Maybe you haven’t heard of it yet … the Midwest is generally slower to catch up with the latest trends … but the latest, greatest, hottest type of Holiday party is the Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.

HOT!  Right?  I think HYSTERICAL is the best word for it.

Last year, our Iowa City store had an ugly sweater Christmas party at the bowling alley … talk about a motley crew! But it was a BLAST!

All of our Stuff Etc stores are loading up on all the best and “ugliest” holiday sweaters for everyone to sport this year, the majority priced at $3.99.  That’s cheap enough for your entire family to throw one on and a get a priceless snapshot for your 2011 Christmas card!

Thinking of hosting your own sweater party?  Make the attire mandatory and give out prizes for the “ugliest”, “most embellishments” and the best “head to toe ensemble”.  Set up a holiday scene perfect for a party photo op.   Have some snacks and beverages on hand and let the hoot of the sweaters take over!

I hope I have provided enough inspiration to get you excited about this hot new trend.  I know that I am!

(I’ve already sent out my invitations!)



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