Surprise Visit from an American Picker


w/Davenport manager’s LuAnn (left) and Rhea (right)

Our Davenport store had a surprise visit today from local & national celebrity, Frank Fritz, from American Pickers, a hit TV show on The History Channel.  All of us consignment fanatics are HUGE fans of the show, so you can imagine the excitement when Frank stopped by to shop Stuff Etc!

If you’re familiar with American Pickers, then you know that Frank and Mike are from the Quad Cities area.  Frank was super kind to take some photos with excited shoppers and also let us know that his mom is a consignor at our newest franchise location here in Davenport.  He found some awesome chairs at a steal of a deal to take home with him today and promised to return with some items to consign.

Stop by often to see “Frank’s Picks” – an area that will be dedicated to American Pickers featuring items recommended and consigned by the professional picker himself!

Thanks for stopping by, Frank!!

Tell Mike & Danielle “HI” from Stuff!

(p.s.  I’m so so so jealous of Rhea & LuAnn right now!)


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