We Are Here For You

So let’s just say you’re walking along,

on your way to grab a burger and


You step funny and break your leg!

In not one, but TWO places!

First of all ….  that sucks!

Second …. this just happened, true story, to someone we know (but the name and image has been changed to protect the innocent)

And third … it is now necessary to make certain accommodations …

Like how to take a much-needed shower.

First instinct is to run out to the nearest medical supply place and grab you a shower chair, but guess what?  We had one at Stuff Etc!  Only $9.99!!  Did you know that a basic shower chair at Walgreens will run you $69.99?!

Bet you didn’t know we carry that kind of stuff … we are “Stuff” Etc after all!

So, the next time an emergency strikes you or someone you love, god-forbid, but if it does, check your nearest Stuff Etc before you spend a fortune on what you need to get you through the next 6 to 8 weeks!

p.s. God speed to the one we know and love not mentioned by name in this post!


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