Frank’s Picks in Davenport

Frank dropped by our Davenport store this week to bring in some special items to sell and we set up a special section just for him (and you!) …

For those of you who are left wondering, who’s Frank?

Well …. he’s no “Joe Schmoe”!

He’s Frank Fritz, part of the Mike and Frank duo, as seen on the popular TV show, American Pickers, on The History Channel.

And Frank selected a few of his personal items (some may have even been picked on the show) to share/sell with us at the Stuff Etc in Davenport!

What’s the phrase?

“The early bird gets the worm”

Basically, don’t waste any time getting over to the store… people were grabbing the goodies as the pictures were being taken!

Not sure where we’re at?

3568 Brady St, across from the football stadium, next to Big Lots, Davenport, IA


p/c Frank Fritz Finds


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