Gift Giving Guide

So this week I finally sat the kids down to make a Christmas list..

(little last-minute, I know, but that’s how I roll)

The little ones had no problem spouting off a few fantastical toys they’ve recently seen on tv, but the older ones struggled to come up with ideas.

This got me thinking…

Are they spoiled and already have everything they need or want?

It’s possible I could be responsible for that …

(or rather, the grandparents are to blame??  just kidding, mom)

Anyway, it got me thinking about my Christmases as a kid and what gifts I remember, what gifts really stood out to me as unforgettable.

Granted, I am 40 and those Christmases are a little challenging to recall at times,  but the only thing I could come up with, the one thing that I was OVER THE MOON about once I ripped all the paper off was …

a Donnie & Marie lunchbox!

I was 7.  It was AWESOME!

But really, that’s about all I can recall.  And it made me kind of sad actually.

Mostly because my parents probably spent a lot of time and money every year making sure my sister and I would have the best Christmas EVER!  and NOW I spend so much time, money and energy trying to make sure my kids have fantastic gifts  (and lots of them) under the tree Christmas morning and for what?!  So they can recall one thing they got when they were 7?

So my gift giving guide to you this Christmas is …

Keep. It.  Simple.

Focus on the one thing that they will love & cherish for more than 2 weeks or til the batteries die.  What will make a difference for them?  And for you?

I think THAT will be a memorable Christmas.


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