Books Books and More Books


Ok Kindle lovers … don’t you miss the sound of the pages turning? the smell of the ink on paper? all the physical properties of loving a book?

I love my Kindle.  But I miss my books.

Stuff Etc makes it super easy to get all your soon-to-be favorite titles with very little investment.  All Stuff Etc locations carry THOUSANDS, literally thousands of books.

New bestsellers, biographies, coffee table books, children’s books, travel, religion, baby names, self help, journals, romance, mystery, sci-fi, young adult ..

the list goes on and on and on … you get the picture?

For the hardcover you’d get at the local B&N for $25, you can get at Stuff for $5.

And with spring around the corner, it’s the perfect time to find some awesome reads for the beach, or under a tree, or near your favorite open window with a warm breeze blowing through … sounds heavenly doesn’t it?

I’m preparing to do something like this …

 Happy reading!


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