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Trend Watch: Summer Shorts

Now that it’s finally nice and toasty warm outside

it’s time to put those sexy legs into a pair of super trendy shorts!

Who knew there are sooooo many options these days?

Check these out:

And after being inspired by this post from WhoWhatWear,

I went on the hunt inside our stores …

just look at what I found so far:

You know what’s even better than finding an AWESOME bargain on all the latest summer styles?

Getting a bargain on your bargain!  Am I right?

With that being said, all Spring and Summer merchandise goes 20% off as of June 1st!

That’s this Friday people!

See you at Stuff ~ 😉


Happy Weekend

Do you ever have a day when you feel this way?

I know it’s probably rare

{ which is kinda sad in a way }

But I think it’s because we are so busy at being busy that we barely have a second to take it all in and get excited about what’s in front of us.

Not today.

Today I can honestly say I am excited.

About Everything.

It’s a strange and exciting feeling.

What are you excited about?

I invite you to try it this weekend.

~  xoxoxo  ~

{ need something to get excited about? }

Working Backwards

Have you ever spotted a pair of shoes that you HAD TO HAVE so badly that you can hear them whispering … no …  scratch that … SCREAMING your name

but you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what you would EVER wear them with

And bought them anyway?

I have.

Too many times to count – and my closet is witness to this!

But I’m turning over a new leaf. TODAY.

I’m going to recycle (at Stuff) all of my lovelies that I bought thinking I’d wear with something …. and it just never happened.

Usually, most people find the perfect “outfit” and go in search of the shoes.

I think its time to work the process backwards, but the right way.

I’m starting with the shoes!

… ANY of these would do …

Then I’ll find the perfect thing to wear.

I think the best way to go is with a sweet pair of jeans that fit like no other and a gray, black or white v-neck tee and voila!

Let the shoes BE the outfit!

Right now, all of our Stuff Etc locations are BURSTING with amazing summer shoe options!  I encourage you to get out to any or all of them and pick up a few (dozen) pairs for yourself!

Before I get to them! 🙂

 “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” 

~ Marilyn Monroe

Add A Little Glitz

Hey all!  Super busy here today, but I saw this and had to share real quick!

You know how sometimes, especially on gloomy days like today, you just need a little glamour, a little glitz, maybe some glitter, some sparkle??

I thought this “bedazzled” fence was just that!

Drill a few holes in the garden gate and insert marbles …


Add a little sunshine and you got your sparkle!

Go simple, or elaborate – constellations anyone?

Hope you find your sparkle today!

{ p/c via Garden Drama }