Why I am Considering an Anti-Resolution for 2013

be awesome

Did you know that 88% of all New Year’s resolutions fail?

Which leads to unnecessary shame and disappointment.

Yet, people do them year after year after year.

Including me.

This year, I decided that maybe I would try a different tactic.  Not so much as to outsmart myself, similar to setting the clock 10 minutes ahead so I will be on time every day { because that always works }, but to avoid the impending self-loathing that occurs as I under-achieve … year after year after year after year.

I decided to do a little “google” research on anti-resolution { because I can’t possibly be the only human on earth that has had it up to here with another January of planning out my next set of failures }

and I found this.

choose your resolution

Which, I might add, I am very fond of.

It has inspired me to stop the resolution madness and start looking at making/achieving new goals with a different perspective …

take my goals and break them into small daily actions …

leading me on a journey to “EVOLVE” in this life rather than “RESOLVE”.

Are you ready to buck the resolution system and join the anti-resolution revolution?

Cheers to you, my friends … and GOOD LUCK!



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