Stuff Etc® is a quality consignment department store that currently has five locations in Iowa, Iowa City, Coralville, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, and a new franchise store in Davenport.  Store size ranges from 24,000 sq ft to 36,000 sq ft on two levels. They are committed to providing quality used items at affordable prices for consumers while offering a renewable way for the public to recycle their items into cash in a one-stop shop.

Originated in Iowa City, Iowa, in 1985, Stuff Etc stores are well known throughout eastern Iowa. They offer a unique, one-stop consignment shopping experience for all ages and lifestyles. “We’ve built a model for smart and responsible shopping by combining the convenience of a department store with a focus towards green consumerism,” said Mary Sundblad, owner of Stuff Etc Inc. “We make it easy for people to save money while incorporating ‘reuse and recycle’ in every area of their lives.”


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    …and just when will u be opening ur first store in MIAMI, FLORIDA??? 😉

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