What exactly is consignment? You receive a percentage of the sale price on the item after it sells.  A percentage to you, a percentage to the store.

How does it work? 1) Bring your no longer needed items into any of our five locations  2) We will sort through your items and price what we think we can sell on your individual account and give back to you what we think we can’t

How long does it take for my items to sell? Unless it’s furniture, it takes roughly two weeks for your items to be placed on the floor for sale.  It takes time ensure the proper handling, ticketing, packaging, hanging, securing, and placement of your items.

When can I collect my money? You will be responsible for checking up on your account to see when items sell.  This can be done by checking online, calling or stopping by the location your account and items are located.  You may cash out your account at any time.  You will generally be offered your payout in cash, but you may request a check or use it as store credit (only in the store where your account is located)


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