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Happy Weekend

Hello my lovelies!

Sounds like a little snow is headed our way, so I was thinking, what better time for some repurposing projects?

Check out a few of my faves that have me totally inspired …

…  repurposed bike …

… recycled globes …

… repurposed barn wood …

… recycled books …

… repurposed lace doilies …

… recycled tv …

My problem is, I can’t decide which one to do first!

Hope you all have a fantastic and meaningful weekend … stay awesome!

{ p/c peppermags }


Bicycles Everywhere…

It’s Ragbrai week in Iowa, and as the mass of cyclers get closer and closer to Coralville, I find myself getting more and more excited, but also noticing more and more people on bicycles…. everywhere!

These images inspire me to get on my bicycle this week….

and look good doing it too!

If you don’t have a bike (pick one up at Stuff),

or don’t have time to ride,

I recommend coming to Morrison Park in Coralville this Friday

and take in ALL that is Ragbrai!

(p/c via Lovely Clusters)

Does This Look Familiar?

Do any of these garage images look familiar?  No…I didn’t sneak over in the middle of the night and take a few snap shots to embarrass you, BUT I know a lot of garages and sheds that look just like this!  Mine included!

Now that the weather is warming, it’s the perfect time to pull it all out and get rid of the stuff you don’t need.  Stuff Etc has a loooooong list of shoppers looking for all the stuff you need to unload.  Upgrading your grill?  Bring us the other one.  How many bikes have your kids outgrown?  Get them in here!  We have people looking for your quality used camping equipment, lawnmowers, gardening items, pool tools, outdoor summer sports equipment, and the list goes on and on!

Don’t waste any more time.  The larger items you don’t need an appointment for, drop those off ANY TIME.  The other stuff, make an appointment to bring those in at any of our five locations and enjoy a clutter free spring and summer.  Click here to access our appointment schedules. Now get out there and enjoy the weather!  See you soon.  🙂