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In Awe of Restructuring

Maybe it’s because I’m not gifted in this way, but I am in total awe of others that have the vision and the talent to take recycled clothing and turn it into something completely different!

Like Stuff shopper, Megan Clark, from Sigourney.

I was in my office working away yesterday when I overheard Megan explaining to her young son what she was doing,

“I’m buying clothes that I can make into something else.”

“oh” he quietly responds.

But my ears perk up and I think … ‘I gotta meet this girl!’

Now, it’s always awkward approaching a complete stranger as you try to explain that you weren’t really eavesdropping, but you couldn’t help overhearing her comment.  Megan was very kind and when I asked if she would be willing to send me some pictures of her creations, she said “What about these?”

No way! Legwarmers made out of a sweatshirt!!!!  BRILLIANT Megan!!!


Absolutely brilliant!  I. Love. Them!

When I asked if I could take her picture, she kindly obliged and mentioned that the sweater she was wearing (and so stylishly belted, I might add) was once a men’s sweater that she restructured to have pockets and a trendy flair.

love. the. whole. darn. thing! (isn’t she adorable?)

Thank you, Megan!

For sharing your talents (and for not thinking I’m some creepy basement lady listening in on mother /son conversations).

I look forward to featuring more of Megan and her restructured fashions here on Stuff Happens.


Recently on the Runway

This skirt …

Maybe you’ve seen it?

Featured in fashion mags, fashion blogs, I’ve even seen it floatin’ around on Pinterest!

Well  guess what?!

I have stumbled upon the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) instructions of how to make this fabulous, fashion trendy skirt yourself with just a little repurposing …

And pick up your supplies at any of our Stuff Etc stores for less than $10!

We have the skirts,  probably a pair of winter tights or leggings and maybe even some boots to top it off (all winter items are 50% off too)!

p.s. be sure to share your skirt pics with us when you’re done!

{ full instructions & p/c whowhatwear }

Resale Shopping Around the Globe

Bloggers who blog LOVE other blogs.

To be honest, I didn’t know this to be true until recently and now it’s like a bag of chips I just can’t stop eating.

I can’t tell you how many times I catch myself saying,

“On this blog I ready today…”

and here I go again!

On this blog I read today, I learned a new word for resale shopping…


Apparently, Skye, that’s her in the picture above with her son, lives in Australia and does her fair share of “op-shopping”.  Although it seems its more for the thrill of the hunt than out of necessity (her husband makes Hollywood movies). But let’s face it, those of us who obsessively resale shop don’t necessarily do it out of necessity either (starts that way, but never seems to end that way).

I encourage you to read Skye’s breakdown of her attire (also pictured above), which she scored entirely by op-shopping – click here.

But consider yourself warned…

Bloggers who blog LOVE other blogs.

p.s.  I think that rule applies to blog readers too

A New Batch of Wonderful

Our favorite family of artists at  Things With Wings just dropped off a new batch of artwork at our Coralville Stuff Etc store that is simply wonderful!  There’s at least 20 unique pieces to choose from and they start at a mere $8.99!  Stop by soon to check out the fantastic display of whimsy that we know as Paper Prayers and Things With Wings before they’re all gone.  Make sure to follow their blog to find out what they’re up to next!

These are a few of my favs…

Hello friends!

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