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Upcycle vs. Recycle .. What’s the Dif? Who Cares, it WAS a Sweater

You could take THIS …

recycled sweater

and turn it into THIS …

recyceld sweater into new dress

{ p/c Make It Love It }

Today, I went a-looking for a way to turn my old, worn out, loved and loved again til it was beyond tired (and unworthy of consignment) sweater INTO mittens.

recycled sweater into mittens

{ p/c A Beautiful Mess  (a personal fave blog) }

And to my wondering eyes did appear…

ALL of these beyond wonderful ideas for my previously loved sweater:

recycled sweater stockings sweater dachshunds recycled sweater boot socks recycled sweater blanket

recycled sweater dog bed

Check out these ideas and many many more on our Pin Board here.

Now I need to find more sweaters!

You do too?

Don’t forget to check the clearance section or quarter bins at all of our locations for inexpensive sweaters you can upcycle … or recycle … or whatevs!

Who cares!  It WAS a sweater!  Am I right?!

Happy Holidays!



Holiday Whiplash

fuzzy tree

Don’t worry … it’s not your eyes …

it’s my brain!

I feel like I’ve been Rip van Winkled!

I know I need to apologize for my lack in posting, but what the heck?!

Where o where has the time gone?

Maybe it’s my old age catching up with me (turning 42 this year ..  get my AARP card ready),  but I am experiencing some serious holiday whiplash.

I mean, if this nifty thing called a calendar didn’t exist, I’d swear I was a zombie princess two weeks ago and plucking feathers from a turkey last week (not really plucking, just going for a dramatic visual to get my point across).

But curses … the calendar does exist and it’s only 18 days from Christmas and we have gifts to buy and cookies to bake and a home to decorate and presents to wrap and family to visit and cards to send and food to make and whoa! sister!


Take.  a.  breath.

{ inhale }

{ exhale }

Got it.

Less panic.  More peace.


Who’s with me?

snow on pines { p/c Design is Mine }

Gift Giving Guide

So this week I finally sat the kids down to make a Christmas list..

(little last-minute, I know, but that’s how I roll)

The little ones had no problem spouting off a few fantastical toys they’ve recently seen on tv, but the older ones struggled to come up with ideas.

This got me thinking…

Are they spoiled and already have everything they need or want?

It’s possible I could be responsible for that …

(or rather, the grandparents are to blame??  just kidding, mom)

Anyway, it got me thinking about my Christmases as a kid and what gifts I remember, what gifts really stood out to me as unforgettable.

Granted, I am 40 and those Christmases are a little challenging to recall at times,  but the only thing I could come up with, the one thing that I was OVER THE MOON about once I ripped all the paper off was …

a Donnie & Marie lunchbox!

I was 7.  It was AWESOME!

But really, that’s about all I can recall.  And it made me kind of sad actually.

Mostly because my parents probably spent a lot of time and money every year making sure my sister and I would have the best Christmas EVER!  and NOW I spend so much time, money and energy trying to make sure my kids have fantastic gifts  (and lots of them) under the tree Christmas morning and for what?!  So they can recall one thing they got when they were 7?

So my gift giving guide to you this Christmas is …

Keep. It.  Simple.

Focus on the one thing that they will love & cherish for more than 2 weeks or til the batteries die.  What will make a difference for them?  And for you?

I think THAT will be a memorable Christmas.

17 Days Til Christmas

I can’t believe there’s only 17 days til Christmas!  Doesn’t hardly seem possible.

Once the realization set in, so did a bit of panic….

Very little shopping done and so… so… SO much still to do!

And then I start to get the shakes and small beads of sweat appear on my brow and multiple thoughts race through my head of the who, what, where, and the whys and then…

I stop.

Take a breath.

Erase my mind of all the chaos.

And focus on the simple basic JOY of the season …

the smiles on my children’s faces, the sound of their laughter filling our home while we decorate the tree and share our favorite Christmas memories and

All. Is. Well.

p/c Everything Fab

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

Maybe you haven’t heard of it yet … the Midwest is generally slower to catch up with the latest trends … but the latest, greatest, hottest type of Holiday party is the Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.

HOT!  Right?  I think HYSTERICAL is the best word for it.

Last year, our Iowa City store had an ugly sweater Christmas party at the bowling alley … talk about a motley crew! But it was a BLAST!

All of our Stuff Etc stores are loading up on all the best and “ugliest” holiday sweaters for everyone to sport this year, the majority priced at $3.99.  That’s cheap enough for your entire family to throw one on and a get a priceless snapshot for your 2011 Christmas card!

Thinking of hosting your own sweater party?  Make the attire mandatory and give out prizes for the “ugliest”, “most embellishments” and the best “head to toe ensemble”.  Set up a holiday scene perfect for a party photo op.   Have some snacks and beverages on hand and let the hoot of the sweaters take over!

I hope I have provided enough inspiration to get you excited about this hot new trend.  I know that I am!

(I’ve already sent out my invitations!)