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Staff Assemble Knock-Out DIY T-Shirt Scarves


These three lovelies from our Cedar Rapids crew were inspired to buy 25 cent t-shirts from our store and turn them into fabulous upcycled scarves!

Emily (left, 2 years on the team), chose to fashion a lime-green spaghetti scarf… nice choice!

Steph (middle, 3 years on the team), went with a two-tone ruffle scarf… love the colors!

And Jamie (right, 2 years on the team), powered out an awesome combination of the braided and spaghetti scarf … are those wooden beads I see in there?

Seriously girls, I am impressed!  And inspired!  

{ and a little jealous, I might add }

Did I mention they recycled t-shirts they purchased from the quarter bins at our store?

Check out this link to get a little know how.



{ p/c My Blessed Life }

Have you made an upcycled t-shirt scarf?  We’d love to see it!

Happy Weekend!



One More Thing for The Weekend

Before I go for the weekend, I just want to leave you with one more thing…

Take a good look at this picture.

I can’t help but wonder…

who lives in the apartment with the BLUE shades?

I bet they are creative. fun. inspired. a party waiting to happen.

Do something this weekend that leaves others in wonder.

{pc/via On Blue Pool Road)

A Shot of Whimsy

I’m a creative person, but this……


I love it when someone takes something classic and dramatic and makes it their own, especially when it includes a shot of whimsy!

I would eat in my dining room EVERY night if this was hanging over my head.

Shoot, I’d just hang out in there.  So fun!

(pc/via Absolutely Beautiful Things)

p.s. we get boring chandeliers in all the time at our stores….  I’m just sayin…