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Upcycle vs. Recycle .. What’s the Dif? Who Cares, it WAS a Sweater

You could take THIS …

recycled sweater

and turn it into THIS …

recyceld sweater into new dress

{ p/c Make It Love It }

Today, I went a-looking for a way to turn my old, worn out, loved and loved again til it was beyond tired (and unworthy of consignment) sweater INTO mittens.

recycled sweater into mittens

{ p/c A Beautiful Mess  (a personal fave blog) }

And to my wondering eyes did appear…

ALL of these beyond wonderful ideas for my previously loved sweater:

recycled sweater stockings sweater dachshunds recycled sweater boot socks recycled sweater blanket

recycled sweater dog bed

Check out these ideas and many many more on our Pin Board here.

Now I need to find more sweaters!

You do too?

Don’t forget to check the clearance section or quarter bins at all of our locations for inexpensive sweaters you can upcycle … or recycle … or whatevs!

Who cares!  It WAS a sweater!  Am I right?!

Happy Holidays!



Obsessed With Doilies

WHAT the?

When do you ever hear “obsessed” and “doilies” in the same sentence?

I know!  Right?!

But check out these ways others have recycled doilies:

{ above / below }

( unconventional but gorgeous, i think )

below  I’ve shared this one before, but it’s too awesome not share twice }

{ stunning!  above / below  someone’s dedicated doily pins }

Are you feeling the obsession yet?

Ok … maybe not obsession, but how about inspiration?

Doilies NEVER looked so good!

And we can help you get your doily on at all of our Stuff Etc locations!

We get them often and they turn over quickly so check back regularly.

{ p.s.  I’d LOVE to see your recycled doily creations }

Formally Fashionable

Do you have a spring formal in your near future?

Or know someone who does?

All of our stores are currently stocking up on spring formals to get you to the dance in stunning style without breaking your piggy bank!

Our Coralville location {2818 Commerce Dr} has just received HUNDREDS of brand new dresses, ranging from $59.99 to $189.99, along with other previously loved, gorgeous formals.

Hurry in to get first pick! There are so many styles to choose from and not a single one is alike {well …. there might be a couple} but no one will look as stunning as you, I’m sure of it! 😉

ALSO, keep us in mind if you have a formal that you’ve been hanging onto …

thinking maybe you can hand it down to your baby sister? {not likely}

or alter it so you can wear it again? {also not likely}

maybe you can be “Carrie” next Halloween? {not a safe bet}

Give it once last glance of fondness and bring it in to any of our Stuff Etc stores so another girl can love it just as much!

AND let the money you will  get in return help ease the pain of letting go.

{visit us here}

Smokin’ Hot in Waterloo

Spring wedding to attend? Garden party? Check out this GORGEOUS ensemble waiting for you at our Waterloo location!  Head to toe, this would dazzle the crowd!  It is the most beautiful turquoise color and the gold accents are stunning.  Pair it with the necklace, the bag and the shoes and you’re good to go!  You could get the whole thing around $65!  Here’s the breakdown:

Aqua Dress: size L, $10.99
Shoes:Carlos, size 6.5, $24.99
Accessory: Bronze Necklace: $3.99
Purse: Kathy Von Zeeland: $24.99

Stop in today to take advantage of this and many other amazing finds!

Every Girl Gets a Dress

Yesterday was the first time we hosted a Prom Event at our Iowa City location.   I’m happy to announce that every girl who tried on a dress went home with a dress!  With a selection of over 200 dresses to choose from there was a whole lotta tryin’ on taking place! It was a blast!  I’ve included pictures here of some of the girls and the amazing dresses they went home with yesterday. 

Thanks to everyone that joined us yesterday, especially our sponsors for their awesome door prizes:  The Brown Bottle, Nedrebos in Iowa City, Cherry Blossom, Flash Portraits, Anna at Bellisimo, and Ann Qual with Mary Kay

If you missed it, you have another opportunity to get the dress of your dreams this Sunday, Feb. 13th at our Cedar Rapids West location, 3750 Williams Blvd SW.  Hope to see you there!

A Dress With Previous Experience

ex·pe·ri·ence  noun \ik-ˈspir-ē-ən(t)s\

something personally encountered, undergone, or lived through; : direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge and skill               ~ Webster Dictionary

Sooooo….thanks to the definition provided by good ol Webster, one can deduce that Stuff Etc’s fabulous selection of formal dresses with “previous experience” is a good thing!  Prom is right around the corner, and it’s never too soon to start looking for a dress that will be the perfect fit and color, not to mention, be completely different from all the other dresses in the room.

A prom dress is a right of passage for a high school girl!  I saved up my prom experience and only attended my Senior Year.  I can remember every detail, stitch, and the way the vibrant purple satin felt on my body and how proud I was of its individuality – there wasn’t another one like it in the room… and I bought it at a small consignment shop in my home town for less than $100.  We at Stuff Etc appreciate the value placed upon selecting the garment that will accentuate your best features for such a memorable evening.  Therefore, we are collecting from all five locations and hand-picking some of the best dresses you’ll be able to find in this area (consignors that get their dresses from Chicago boutiques for example) for our Prom Event coming in February. Click here for more details. We will also have new dresses available that we selected straight out of a 2011 Prom Magazine (like the blue one you see here) for only $89.99!

Purchasing a dress with previous experience, according to Webster,  means you are gaining a dress with knowledge and skill.  And a fashion savvy, economically conscience  girl like you will also appreciate  gaining such a unique, skilled dress at an amazing price.  Again, setting you apart from all the other girls that maxed out their parents plastic or spent collective months of their barely there, after school paychecks.

Join us for our boutique Prom Event in IOWA CITY, Sunday Feb. 6th and in CEDAR RAPIDS, Sunday Feb. 13th from 1-3pm.  Click here for more details. Try-on & purchase dresses, jewelry and other accessories.  Bid to win one of the FIVE featured dresses in the LIVE auction.  Enter to win awesome door prizes from our sponsors like a free limo, up-do, floral orders, and restaurants just to name a few.  Don’t miss out on one or both of these unique opportunities to score the perfect dress for your perfect day (each event will have completely different dresses).