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Your Perfect Space

{ don’t you just want to crawl in here?  p/c via still, that kind of woman }

Do you have a room in your home, or your yard, or wherever you go that is your ” perfect space “?

You know …

that place you can go that gives you  {if even for a brief moment} peace, a certain calmness, where you are inspired to take deep breaths and let the stress just slip away into the corners or blow out through the breezy windows??

Mine is my bedroom. In a home full of kids and chaos, it is the one place that I try to keep clean and uncluttered and simple… there are two chairs, a small vintage cupboard where my tiny tv sits, long flowy curtains and a giant bed that resembles the most inviting pouffy cloud floating in the bluest of skies.

This is my perfect space.  It is my reset button.

{ not my room, but very close!  p/c via design mom }

Do you have one?

If not, I encourage you to find it.


Maybe you need to reinvent your “perfect space”?

We can help you with that!  Our Stuff Etc stores have hundreds of new home decor and furniture items arriving daily … we make it easy … and affordable!

Get started!

{ pc/via remain simple }

Inspired by Allie… A Triple Win Day

I am sitting here at my new desk (from Stuff) with a smile from ear to ear because I just scored a triple-win.

To start off my day, I cleaned my room. Vacuumed, walls washed, trash out, and ORGANIZED. But it wasn’t that easy. You see, when I opened my closet, I just stared at all the stuff in there and sighed.  Then I laughed because I couldn’t give one possible excuse for why I have so many clothes. So I started throwing clothes that were too big, too small, too short, or too tall into a bucket.

My first win? A clean room and an organized closet filled with only the stuff I want.

My second win? I took all of my clothes out of the bucket to Stuff Etc.  Not only does this help with the clutter but the money I get for my stuff will go toward buying more clothes I don’t need! 🙂

Now for my biggest win of all!

Last weekend was the half-price sale at the Coralville Stuff Etc. A win in itself, I went to see what I could find. Typical me, it didn’t take more than a few seconds to find exactly what I needed…  decorations for my newly organized room. I found a mirror, desk and wall hangings.

The wall hanging I found was only two dollars and I used it to hang up all my jewelry (as you can see, I may be dealing with an obsession here. Different topic, different time). I also love my new mirror!  Although I can’t say I love waking up every morning and the first thing I see is how ravishing I look. (That’s a joke).

Not only do I have a “new” room…but it’s now complete with a desk, mirror and wall hanging for $50. You just can’t beat a Stuff Etc half-price sale. I couldn’t decide which was better: this sale or ice cream. So just to relieve any doubts, I went for some ice cream.

Although I may be a muffin top victim thanks to the ice cream, I welcome the results I get from being a Stuff Etc victim….  a “new” clean room, money for my clothes and cheap, “new-to-me” furniture!  I could use a triple-win day more often.

Submitted by Alissa Gilbaugh, Iowa City West High Senior