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Gloomy Days Got You Down?

I know the recent days of rain, clouds, gloom and even snow are hard to stomach when it should be spring, right?! It’s Iowa for crying out loud.  By now, we’ve usually skipped completely over spring temperatures and heading right into the 80 degree days.  Maybe this is how Spring is supposed to be?  I don’t know.  I do know it’s not doing much for my standard cheery attitude.  So… we gotta work with what we can control.

Try on some of these BOLD pieces that are certain to brighten your day … and the ones around you!  How can you be gloomy in a pair of HOT PINK skinny jeans???  Exactly!  And that electric blue…definitely one of my major crushes this season…I’m up to 5 shirts in that color alone.  All of our stores are currently gathering up these BOLD beauties waiting for you to pluck them from the racks like flowers in a garden.  Watch for our colorful displays and tell mother nature she can be gloomy all she wants… but you’re taking another route!