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Staff Assemble Knock-Out DIY T-Shirt Scarves


These three lovelies from our Cedar Rapids crew were inspired to buy 25 cent t-shirts from our store and turn them into fabulous upcycled scarves!

Emily (left, 2 years on the team), chose to fashion a lime-green spaghetti scarf… nice choice!

Steph (middle, 3 years on the team), went with a two-tone ruffle scarf… love the colors!

And Jamie (right, 2 years on the team), powered out an awesome combination of the braided and spaghetti scarf … are those wooden beads I see in there?

Seriously girls, I am impressed!  And inspired!  

{ and a little jealous, I might add }

Did I mention they recycled t-shirts they purchased from the quarter bins at our store?

Check out this link to get a little know how.



{ p/c My Blessed Life }

Have you made an upcycled t-shirt scarf?  We’d love to see it!

Happy Weekend!



Repurpose This!

Here at Stuff Etc, we have to get a little picky sometimes because we can’t possibly have room for everything…

One thing is suitcases.

There are so many airline restrictions these days that most suitcases have become completely obsolete unless you have a retractable handle, wheels and can fit in an overhead compartment.  Who checks bags anymore?

Anyway, one thing we LOVE at Stuff Etc that we can never get enough of is


I have always love love LOVEd the idea of the suitcase end table…

but now I feel that idea is so boring compared to these new ways to re-purpose a vintage suitcase…

or how about this clever idea (which I am crazy about)…

SERIOUSLY!  How cool is this?

I encourage you to pick up a vintage suitcase next time you’re out resale shopping and see what clever ideas you can come up with!

I. Am. Inspired!

{pc/via design mom}

One More Thing for The Weekend

Before I go for the weekend, I just want to leave you with one more thing…

Take a good look at this picture.

I can’t help but wonder…

who lives in the apartment with the BLUE shades?

I bet they are creative. fun. inspired. a party waiting to happen.

Do something this weekend that leaves others in wonder.

{pc/via On Blue Pool Road)