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Undo a Tangled Mess

The way of the tangled jewelry mess in the good ol’ jewelry box is done for me!

Once I saw this….

I know!  Right?!  Brilliant!

Visually stunning AND functional!

And this one too…

And let’s not forget our own guest blogger, Allie, her brilliant idea featured in August…

Ready to untangle your mess?  Hurry into any Stuff Etc location and pick up an old key holder, a fancy picture frame, an old bathroom towel rod…

the possibilities are endless and a sure find at any of our stores!

I’d love to see pictures of your DIY projects that feature items you purchased at our stores.  Those are my favorite Stuff stories!

If you have one to share, email me at stuffetcmarketing@gmail.com.

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Inspired by Allie… A Triple Win Day

I am sitting here at my new desk (from Stuff) with a smile from ear to ear because I just scored a triple-win.

To start off my day, I cleaned my room. Vacuumed, walls washed, trash out, and ORGANIZED. But it wasn’t that easy. You see, when I opened my closet, I just stared at all the stuff in there and sighed.  Then I laughed because I couldn’t give one possible excuse for why I have so many clothes. So I started throwing clothes that were too big, too small, too short, or too tall into a bucket.

My first win? A clean room and an organized closet filled with only the stuff I want.

My second win? I took all of my clothes out of the bucket to Stuff Etc.  Not only does this help with the clutter but the money I get for my stuff will go toward buying more clothes I don’t need! 🙂

Now for my biggest win of all!

Last weekend was the half-price sale at the Coralville Stuff Etc. A win in itself, I went to see what I could find. Typical me, it didn’t take more than a few seconds to find exactly what I needed…  decorations for my newly organized room. I found a mirror, desk and wall hangings.

The wall hanging I found was only two dollars and I used it to hang up all my jewelry (as you can see, I may be dealing with an obsession here. Different topic, different time). I also love my new mirror!  Although I can’t say I love waking up every morning and the first thing I see is how ravishing I look. (That’s a joke).

Not only do I have a “new” room…but it’s now complete with a desk, mirror and wall hanging for $50. You just can’t beat a Stuff Etc half-price sale. I couldn’t decide which was better: this sale or ice cream. So just to relieve any doubts, I went for some ice cream.

Although I may be a muffin top victim thanks to the ice cream, I welcome the results I get from being a Stuff Etc victim….  a “new” clean room, money for my clothes and cheap, “new-to-me” furniture!  I could use a triple-win day more often.

Submitted by Alissa Gilbaugh, Iowa City West High Senior

A Dress With Previous Experience

ex·pe·ri·ence  noun \ik-ˈspir-ē-ən(t)s\

something personally encountered, undergone, or lived through; : direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge and skill               ~ Webster Dictionary

Sooooo….thanks to the definition provided by good ol Webster, one can deduce that Stuff Etc’s fabulous selection of formal dresses with “previous experience” is a good thing!  Prom is right around the corner, and it’s never too soon to start looking for a dress that will be the perfect fit and color, not to mention, be completely different from all the other dresses in the room.

A prom dress is a right of passage for a high school girl!  I saved up my prom experience and only attended my Senior Year.  I can remember every detail, stitch, and the way the vibrant purple satin felt on my body and how proud I was of its individuality – there wasn’t another one like it in the room… and I bought it at a small consignment shop in my home town for less than $100.  We at Stuff Etc appreciate the value placed upon selecting the garment that will accentuate your best features for such a memorable evening.  Therefore, we are collecting from all five locations and hand-picking some of the best dresses you’ll be able to find in this area (consignors that get their dresses from Chicago boutiques for example) for our Prom Event coming in February. Click here for more details. We will also have new dresses available that we selected straight out of a 2011 Prom Magazine (like the blue one you see here) for only $89.99!

Purchasing a dress with previous experience, according to Webster,  means you are gaining a dress with knowledge and skill.  And a fashion savvy, economically conscience  girl like you will also appreciate  gaining such a unique, skilled dress at an amazing price.  Again, setting you apart from all the other girls that maxed out their parents plastic or spent collective months of their barely there, after school paychecks.

Join us for our boutique Prom Event in IOWA CITY, Sunday Feb. 6th and in CEDAR RAPIDS, Sunday Feb. 13th from 1-3pm.  Click here for more details. Try-on & purchase dresses, jewelry and other accessories.  Bid to win one of the FIVE featured dresses in the LIVE auction.  Enter to win awesome door prizes from our sponsors like a free limo, up-do, floral orders, and restaurants just to name a few.  Don’t miss out on one or both of these unique opportunities to score the perfect dress for your perfect day (each event will have completely different dresses).