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Winning Re-purposed Projects

HELLO friends!

First, I find it very necessary to extend an apology for the time between now and our last post.  There is no good excuse for our lack of posting, however, I am puzzled by how fast the days go by lately?!

We hope all is forgiven …  and maybe this will help …

All of our stores tend to have a sales floor full of entertainment centers that no one uses any more once they move up to flat screen TVs.  You remember these:

Unfortunately the resale value on these fellas isn’t very high. But when I saw this re-purposing project, it changed my whole tune to these beasts of burden!

Re-purpose it into a KID’S KITCHEN:

OR re-purpose it into a LAUNDRY ORGANIZER:

how about a DOLL HOUSE or a DRESS UP station:

Seriously!!!  How brilliant are these?

If you’re interested in re-purposing your own entertainment center, here’s the instructions to some of the above:  2nd Kitchen, 3rd Kitchen, Laundry Organizer, Doll house, Dress Up Station.

If you need an entertainment center to re-purpose, stop by our stores and take your pick:

Happy Monday!



Happy Weekend

so you know all those single gloves lying around that are missing their partner?

(at least a half-dozen at my house – i seriously make my kids wear two different gloves since they can’t seem to keep the match – no.  seriously.  i do.)

check out this super quick, fun weekend project …

are you one of the lucky folk that have managed to keep your glove mates all season but still want to make a cute, little glove squirrel?

we still have some gloves (& other winter accessories) at all of our Stuff Etc stores longing to be cut up into little stuffed loveies  for your wee ones …

and they’re all 50% off!

happy weekend!

Happy Weekend

Hello my lovelies!

Sounds like a little snow is headed our way, so I was thinking, what better time for some repurposing projects?

Check out a few of my faves that have me totally inspired …

…  repurposed bike …

… recycled globes …

… repurposed barn wood …

… recycled books …

… repurposed lace doilies …

… recycled tv …

My problem is, I can’t decide which one to do first!

Hope you all have a fantastic and meaningful weekend … stay awesome!

{ p/c peppermags }