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Would You Buy It?

Although I’m pretty sure my face melted off as I left my office today, I’m ready for the cardi and the scarf and the jeans … heck, even just a breeze.  

AND I am sick to death of my closet full of nothing to wear! Time to recycle the goods and figure out what, if anything, I can possibly get rid of.  As I shuffled through each and every piece, I began to recognize the repetition of justifications running through my head, minus the removal of anything:

” Meh …haven’t worn that in the past 6 months … maybe even a year? But this is SO my color” 

“Spent way too much on that one … I can’t just give it away”

“I’m starting that amazing new diet tomorrow- it’ll fit again real soon” 

“I used to wear THIS all the time! Who cares if it’s faded – even better”

“Dang! This was a steal! … I haven’t worn it yet but … “

“I look like a sausage in this one … but it still says Juicy Couture”

This clearly wasn’t working.

So I decided to try a completely different approach.

I closed the closet.

Took a deep breath … found my focus { as if it were some Olympic event }.

Opened it up again.

This time, I looked at it as if I were going shopping for the first time, asking myself “Would I buy this right now? Today? With this body? And this budget?”

Sliding hanger by hanger, as if combing through the department store racks, I pulled out each item that I would NOT buy right now.  Wrong color, wrong size, wrong season, wrong style, just. plain. wrong.


Problem solved.

Now I sort into four simple piles:

1. Sister     2. Stuff Etc      3. Donate    4. Burn baby burn

What a joyous feeling!

AND I got the bug ..  lookout kiddos .. momma’s coming to your room next!

Now it’s your turn.

Go on …

get shopping in that closet of yours!


The Weather Outside is Frightful

Brrrrrrrrrrr…..  it’s snowy and cold today here in Iowa!

But NOTHING makes me feel toasty warm quite like a scarf!

During this time of year, you rarely find me without one, IN or OUT doors.

This video is a long-time favorite of mine and I have found it VERY helpful on more than one occasion.  Enjoy!


All of our Stuff Etc locations have a wide selection of scarfs in all sizes, styles, and colors.  Stop by this weekend and take advantage of 20% off your entire purchase of full-priced items when you donate $1 to our Charity Umbrella.

This month we are supporting the Visiting Nurses Association in Iowa City, Coralville, Cedar Rapids and Davenport AND Samaritan’s Purse in Waterloo!

Have a great weekend!

First Day of Fall

today is the perfect first day of fall…

the crisp, cool air,

the hoody I had to throw on over my other hoody,

i even added a light knit scarf…

it felt heavenly.


And so does Stuff Etc – so much so, we are giving all of our shoppers 25% OFF all fall clothing, shoes, and accessories (it must say “fall” on the tag).

Stop by any of our locations in Iowa City, Coralville, Cedar Rapids, or Waterloo Friday, Saturday and Sunday to take advantage of the AWESOME discount on all of our FALL merchandise!

p.s.  GO HAWKS!