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Weekend Wardrobe Challenge


I think we’ve had this conversation before, so please forgive me if we have, but this time …  I.  Am.  Serious!

I lost count after six, but I’m pretty sure I changed my clothes at least 10 times this morning before settling on something not so desirable before heading to work this morning.

* sigh *

This does NOT make for a good start to the day people.

I know I cannot be alone in this.

For some time now, I’ve been toying with the notion of settling on a two-color palette for my closet.  Mainly in effort of helping me decide which pieces to eliminate in order to down-size my desperately over-crowded closet.

But I have yet to make myself go there.

However, after this morning’s escapades, I don’t think I can muster enough strength, or time for that matter, to do it again.  And I think I have finally found my inspiration.

Somewhere along my social media stumblings in and around my day, I came across this “10 Piece Wardrobe Challenge” over on Polyvore.

Now THIS is a challenge I can accept!

{ maybe not the red pants for this curvy girl, but something similar? }

What’s even stranger AND sweeter is that these 10 pieces alone can create a minimum of 20 different outfits together! Throw in a few accessories and you easily have a full months worth of combinations!

I know!  RIGHT?!

Sorry.  In case you are unable to sense my excitement, I am elated at this possibility! Do you have any idea what this could mean for my daily dressing routine?!  Not to mention my psyche? Seriously. I am so in love with this idea.

Ok.  Enough gushing.  I’m sure you get it by now.

Check out these other 10 piece possibilities:

I’m pretty sure I already have one or two of these items in my closet.  Those will dictate my direction .. { as long as they fit well …  and fit well today.  Not 10 lbs lighter …  today }.

First thing on my list, is a really nice fitting, tailored, black blazer.  This can be somewhat of a challenge for a girl who was blessed in the upper torso region { if you catch my drift } but the blazer is a necessary and very versatile piece.  And I look forward to spending hard-earned cash on this.

The rest of it I will piece together this weekend as I make the rounds to our five Stuff Etc stores.   THIS is going to happen friends.

And I look forward to the day that I can { enthusiastically } empty my closet of all the other unnecessaries.  You can take that to the bank!  Actually, I will … after I cash the check I get for selling all of my no-longer-in-my-wardrobe-wheelhouse stuff at Stuff.

Happy Happy Weekend!



Would You Buy It?

Although I’m pretty sure my face melted off as I left my office today, I’m ready for the cardi and the scarf and the jeans … heck, even just a breeze.  

AND I am sick to death of my closet full of nothing to wear! Time to recycle the goods and figure out what, if anything, I can possibly get rid of.  As I shuffled through each and every piece, I began to recognize the repetition of justifications running through my head, minus the removal of anything:

” Meh …haven’t worn that in the past 6 months … maybe even a year? But this is SO my color” 

“Spent way too much on that one … I can’t just give it away”

“I’m starting that amazing new diet tomorrow- it’ll fit again real soon” 

“I used to wear THIS all the time! Who cares if it’s faded – even better”

“Dang! This was a steal! … I haven’t worn it yet but … “

“I look like a sausage in this one … but it still says Juicy Couture”

This clearly wasn’t working.

So I decided to try a completely different approach.

I closed the closet.

Took a deep breath … found my focus { as if it were some Olympic event }.

Opened it up again.

This time, I looked at it as if I were going shopping for the first time, asking myself “Would I buy this right now? Today? With this body? And this budget?”

Sliding hanger by hanger, as if combing through the department store racks, I pulled out each item that I would NOT buy right now.  Wrong color, wrong size, wrong season, wrong style, just. plain. wrong.


Problem solved.

Now I sort into four simple piles:

1. Sister     2. Stuff Etc      3. Donate    4. Burn baby burn

What a joyous feeling!

AND I got the bug ..  lookout kiddos .. momma’s coming to your room next!

Now it’s your turn.

Go on …

get shopping in that closet of yours!

17 Days Til Christmas

I can’t believe there’s only 17 days til Christmas!  Doesn’t hardly seem possible.

Once the realization set in, so did a bit of panic….

Very little shopping done and so… so… SO much still to do!

And then I start to get the shakes and small beads of sweat appear on my brow and multiple thoughts race through my head of the who, what, where, and the whys and then…

I stop.

Take a breath.

Erase my mind of all the chaos.

And focus on the simple basic JOY of the season …

the smiles on my children’s faces, the sound of their laughter filling our home while we decorate the tree and share our favorite Christmas memories and

All. Is. Well.

p/c Everything Fab

Resale Shopping Around the Globe

Bloggers who blog LOVE other blogs.

To be honest, I didn’t know this to be true until recently and now it’s like a bag of chips I just can’t stop eating.

I can’t tell you how many times I catch myself saying,

“On this blog I ready today…”

and here I go again!

On this blog I read today, I learned a new word for resale shopping…


Apparently, Skye, that’s her in the picture above with her son, lives in Australia and does her fair share of “op-shopping”.  Although it seems its more for the thrill of the hunt than out of necessity (her husband makes Hollywood movies). But let’s face it, those of us who obsessively resale shop don’t necessarily do it out of necessity either (starts that way, but never seems to end that way).

I encourage you to read Skye’s breakdown of her attire (also pictured above), which she scored entirely by op-shopping – click here.

But consider yourself warned…

Bloggers who blog LOVE other blogs.

p.s.  I think that rule applies to blog readers too

Everything But My Underwear!

This morning I got a very welcomed message from a shopper that made it to the Iowa City Half Price Sale on Saturday (two days ago).  It went a little something like this…  “GAWD!  I love Stuff Etc! I had so much fun getting dressed this morning and have so many new, cute combinations to wear this week.  Someone complimented me when I got to work this morning and I proudly proclaimed, “I got all of this at Stuff Etc this weekend!  In fact, everything on me, except my underwear, is from Stuff!  Gotta love consignment!” ~ Diane from Iowa City

Thanks, Diane, for sharing AND most of all, for shopping at Stuff Etc!  To the rest of you, be sure to stop in the Cedar Rapids East store this SATURDAY, Jan 14th from 8-5 so you can be like Diane … everything but your underwear!  I want to hear about it too!  Let’s see if we can get a testimonial for each sale this month!  Go Stuff Shoppers!