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From Winter Parkas to Shorts

When the temperature hits 50 on the bank sign here in Iowa, we do not hesitate for one tiny second to go from this:

winter parka in Iowa

to this:

spring shorts

But are you prepared?

Other than mentally ready to  shed the layers and layers of organic cotton, denim, wool and fleece you’ve grown accustom to assembling day after day for what seems like an eternity now, is your closet ready?

This week, we are celebrating everything that is SHORTS.

shorts in spring

All of our locations have an abundance of trendy, new to you shorts at prices that will allow you to get all of your favorite brands for far less than you’d pay at the mall.

Got $20?

I think it’s safe to say that you could pick up 2-4 pairs of name-brand shorts for just that and nothing more.

shorts in spring

SO …

Go get your spray tan on and head into Stuff!

{I’m no weather man, but warmer temps are definitely on their way}

{ all pics courtesy of College Fashionista }


Happy Weekend

* sigh *

Do you have fireflies where you live?

We are showered with them during the Iowa summers.

It’s quite the vision.

This photo reminded me of my backyard in the summertime and with the spring weather as it is, I feel it’s not so far in the distance.

What are your plans for the unseasonably warm weekend?

We hope it’s something that makes you smile!


{ p/c via persuede }

Happy Weekend

I am overwhelmed with excitement that this weekend is Daylight Savings Time!

” spring ahead “

Every time I hear “spring ahead” in reference to daylight savings time, it’s like I’m driving along a long and dreary road and suddenly there’s a gigantic, happy road sign alerting me that Spring is just ahead … and this makes me smile.

I. Love. Spring.

Everything starts to turn green and the earth is renewed once again.

Flowers.  Fresh smell of dirt being plowed.   Rain showers.

Warm sunshine.  More daylight at the end of the day.

Did I say how excited I am?

Are you ready?

Check out the next 7 day forecast here in Iowa:

AAAHHHHHhhhh…  I can feel it already!

Hope you all have a Happy Weekend …

and don’t forget…

spring ahead!

Time to Revolve Your Closet

I think I’ve used this picture more than once …

But I love it!

I mean, who hasn’t been here? (Me for one …. ALOT lately!)

Staring blindly at the bursting-at-the-seams-closet but nothing to wear syndrome.

OR nothing in my closet fits!

OR I can’t stand the thought of wearing that shirt-pant-skirt-sweater-dress one more time!

Well… I say don’t bother!

Clean it out all your best, previously loved SPRING clothing and accessories, and bring them into any of our Stuff Etc locations.

We will turn it into cash for you!

And while you’re here, pick up something “new” to you.  Our racks are packed with current styles and fashions to dress you and yours head to toe!

All of our fall and winter items are currently 20% off and all of our spring clothing will hit the floors just after our storewide half price sales this month.

Visit us in Iowa City, Coralville, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo & Davenport!

Has CR East Gone Mad?

They most certainly have!!  Crazy excited over their store changes.  Crazy excited over your SPRING stuff!!  They want your spring items so much, they’re willing to forgo our standard company procedures and let you bring it in ONE DAY (tomorrow) without making an appointment with NO LIMIT!!!  I know.  Shocking, right?  So before their craziness wears off, load up your car, minivan, SUV, box truck, whatever, and get all your goodies to Stuff Etc Cedar Rapids East (252 Blairs Ferry Rd NE) TOMORROW, Thursday, February 24th!  They open at 9am and close at 8pm.  Drop your stuff off anytime before 4pm and your givebacks will be ready to pick-up by 8pm that day.  AND an added BONUS… when you drop your stuff off, they’ll give you a 20% off coupon to shop the recently redesigned store good for Thursday only.  Still need more info?  Give ’em a call at 319-373-2380 and they’ll fill you in.

Smokin’ Hot in Waterloo

Spring wedding to attend? Garden party? Check out this GORGEOUS ensemble waiting for you at our Waterloo location!  Head to toe, this would dazzle the crowd!  It is the most beautiful turquoise color and the gold accents are stunning.  Pair it with the necklace, the bag and the shoes and you’re good to go!  You could get the whole thing around $65!  Here’s the breakdown:

Aqua Dress: size L, $10.99
Shoes:Carlos, size 6.5, $24.99
Accessory: Bronze Necklace: $3.99
Purse: Kathy Von Zeeland: $24.99

Stop in today to take advantage of this and many other amazing finds!