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Easter Traditions


Still, to this day, when I see brightly colored Easter eggs, the happy child in me gets all giddy.  I can rarely recall the process my mom and my sister went through to get to the end result, but I do remember the proud moment sitting back on my heels at the kitchen table admiring our boldly, colored creations.

This was an Easter tradition at our house. 

Another tradition was never missing Palm Sunday. As a kid, I couldn’t wait until they got to part of the story when they handed out the hundreds of palms to the congregation. As an adult, this still serves as a powerful reminder to the reason of the season. 

Now that my kids are getting older, there isn’t a whole lot of egg coloring any more. And I miss this. 

Seeing the multiple egg images flashing across blogs and pinterest this week, it got me thinking that maybe we can still keep the tradition alive but slightly modified to satisfy the kid in me … and maybe some of the kid still left in them.




Check out these cool DIY Easter Egg decorating tips.

In the states, every now and then you will come across a yard that has as a few eggs hanging in the trees. This never struck me as a fun decorating idea .. it’s not a Christmas tree after all??

But apparently it’s a European tradition and these shots from Germany are downright gorgeous!

{ If I had the patience, I would TOTALLY do this! }


Volker Kraft decorates a tree with 9,200 Easter eggs in his garden in Saalfeld, Germany. The Kraft family have decorated their tree with Easter eggs for more than 40-years


What are your Easter traditions? 

Even if it’s just getting together with family and sharing a meal, we hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend! 

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Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving Eve …

Not a holiday, or a day people celebrate, or even consider an “Eve”

Basically, it’s the day families load into cars to embark on their journey to “grandma’s house” or when the grocery stores are filled to the brim with all the last-minute food shoppers.

I will be one of the latter.

I need to stop after work and pick up the ingredients for the salad I’m bringing, but I’m also thinking that maybe I should pick up my own pumpkin pie???

I know that sounds excessive, but it is truly the ONLY dish on the menu at Thanksgiving that I can NOT wait for!  AND it’s basically the only time of the year you get to eat it.

Once, I went to a Thanksgiving dinner and believe it or not ….

there was no pumpkin pie!

I know, right?!

Not all gone … like someone ate it all …  just NEVER. EVEN. MADE!

That’s complete disregard for Thanksgiving tradition!  Who even does that?!

 And ever since that fateful Thanksgiving dinner some 10 years ago, each year as I journey to yet another Thanksgiving, I have this inner anxiety that once again, there may be NO pumpkin pie and it’s just not something I think I can bear one more year.


I say spare someone else the pressure, and myself the anxiety of not knowing if there is pie or no pie, and if there is pie, will I even get a piece of that pie.

That’s it.

I’m buying my own pie.

And before I leave work today, perhaps I should go upstairs and buy myself a perfectly respectful pair of stretch pants for tomorrow!


~ from ALL of us at Stuff Etc ~

mmmm….. pie