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Happy Weekend

* sigh *

I think I’m going here this weekend.

There’s something about the fresh air, the bird & critter sounds, the crackle of the campfire, the cool night breeze, & the stars that soothes this restless soul.

So much that I barely notice the bugs.  Barely.

Do you camp?

Do you tent it? Use a camper?

I’m old school and I l.o.v.e. tent camping.

Whichever you choose, or even if you have never camped before (I’ve actually recently met a few poor souls that haven’t), I encourage you to get out and get your camping on!

If not this weekend, then soon.

And if you need some camping gear, all five of our Stuff Etc locations have camping gear and supplies on hand – all currently 20% off.

Hope you have a great weekend!



Books Books and More Books


Ok Kindle lovers … don’t you miss the sound of the pages turning? the smell of the ink on paper? all the physical properties of loving a book?

I love my Kindle.  But I miss my books.

Stuff Etc makes it super easy to get all your soon-to-be favorite titles with very little investment.  All Stuff Etc locations carry THOUSANDS, literally thousands of books.

New bestsellers, biographies, coffee table books, children’s books, travel, religion, baby names, self help, journals, romance, mystery, sci-fi, young adult ..

the list goes on and on and on … you get the picture?

For the hardcover you’d get at the local B&N for $25, you can get at Stuff for $5.

And with spring around the corner, it’s the perfect time to find some awesome reads for the beach, or under a tree, or near your favorite open window with a warm breeze blowing through … sounds heavenly doesn’t it?

I’m preparing to do something like this …

 Happy reading!

Be a Beach Beauty Anywhere

Flipping through a magazine while drinking my morning coffee on this yet-another-rainy-gloomy-gray-day, I came across this feature about chic ways to cover up on the beach.  First, it got me thinking ‘Man, I gotta get out of Iowa…fast! Before I delve into some deep seasonal depression…’  Then, it got me thinking about all the fantastic beachy items we have in our stores.

Check out these stylish cover-up combos we found at our Stuff Etc Cedar Rapids East store (Blairs Ferry Rd)!  Whether you’re on vacation, the beach, water park, or the local pool, you’re sure to look hot and trendy!  Do you think I could pull it off at the tanning salon??