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Holiday Whiplash

fuzzy tree

Don’t worry … it’s not your eyes …

it’s my brain!

I feel like I’ve been Rip van Winkled!

I know I need to apologize for my lack in posting, but what the heck?!

Where o where has the time gone?

Maybe it’s my old age catching up with me (turning 42 this year ..  get my AARP card ready),  but I am experiencing some serious holiday whiplash.

I mean, if this nifty thing called a calendar didn’t exist, I’d swear I was a zombie princess two weeks ago and plucking feathers from a turkey last week (not really plucking, just going for a dramatic visual to get my point across).

But curses … the calendar does exist and it’s only 18 days from Christmas and we have gifts to buy and cookies to bake and a home to decorate and presents to wrap and family to visit and cards to send and food to make and whoa! sister!


Take.  a.  breath.

{ inhale }

{ exhale }

Got it.

Less panic.  More peace.


Who’s with me?

snow on pines { p/c Design is Mine }


Is Your Weekend Costume Ready?

costumes simpsons

It’s the Friday before Halloween and there’s a whole lot o’ stuff  happening from this day forward and I don’t know about you, but I have yet to have my costume(s) ready!!!

{ scary }  

I have two of the six kids confirmed and (mostly) outfitted, but the others we are piecing together and pulling it out of our arse.   Heck, we have a collection of costume wear, bits and bobs that date back 15 years … surely we can frankenstein something!

If you are still looking for ideas, here’s a few cool ones (and far less lame than my leftovers) I spotted on I Spy DIY:

costume pop star

costume katniss

costume honey boo boo

costume katy perry

costume fab 5

And let’s not forget another movie that gives us plenty of costume inspiration …

costume magic mike

{ get more movie costume ideas via Screen Crush }

And it you’re still not sure, visit this post for other Halloween costume winners  {hint: anything Zombie is a definite bullseye}.


If you find yourself less fortunate than my lucky children to have their mother’s box of costume glory circa 1989, then head over to any of our Stuff stores and pick up what you need – all Halloween is 50% off!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN from all of us to all of you!

Stay safe and have a blast!


p.s.  I’d L.O.V.E. to hear/see what your costumes are!

No More Door to Door

I still have a couple of trick-or-treaters at my house, but no more door to door for the four teenage boys!  Hands-down, Halloween is our favorite holiday, so how do we keep that spirit going?

Time to get creative.

The boys had some pretty creative ideas that I thought were worth sharing and might give you some ideas of how to take your Halloween to the next level.

ZOMBIES.  This is the winning vote in our house.  AND, apparently, you can turn ANY theme into a ZOMBIE theme!  { I especially like the Easter Bunny zombie } Even the wee ones thought this was THE. BESTEST.

VAMPIRES.  And this is not your traditional, old-school vampires… so uncool.  It’s only acceptable now if you are a ‘Twilight’ or { for the older crowd } a ‘True Blood’ vampire.  I saw a party where someone had a huge twig tree decorated with apples for a Twilight themed party … very cool idea.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.  This is a personal favorite! I have been an SNL  fan for a very long time now, and what’s even sweeter, is our oldest ones are fans too!  So fun to share!

CLASSIC SITCOMS.  How fun would this be?!  Roseanne. Brady Bunch. I Love Lucy. Happy Days. Three’s Company. Partridge Family.  The ideas go on and on { if you ask the boys, it would be more current shows like GLEE, etc .. jk  … the GLEE reference was totally for their benefit … hee hee }. 

SUPERHEROES & VILLAINS.   So timely, especially with the recent release of ‘The Avengers’, ‘The Dark Knight’, and ‘Spiderman’.

FAVORITE MOVIE CHARACTERS.  I personally voted for this one.  It didn’t win.

KID PARTY IDEAS.  The wee ones had some fun ideas too.  Fairy Tales. Video Games. Pirates. Disney. Hunger Games.

Guess I better get working on my zombie!